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A colleague, who has been taking kefir daily, is positively glowing with health and recommending its use. I have become increasingly conscious of diet, and try to pay at least lip-service to the OMS diet. Does anyone have experience of taking it, and are there any negative effects associated with multiple sclerosis?

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1 year ago

@wjgregg , at one time, Aimspro, a drug derived from goat’s serum was hailed as the great MS treatment.

Alas, it was over-hyped and ceases to be mentioned these days.

So, I’m a bit dubious about Kefir. But, diet generally, whilst not proven to improve MS, can improve overall health, which can only be good for overall MS management.

1 year ago

What is the kefir made from? The one made from cows milk is dairy and many reports have said dairy is bad for ms.
I buy coconut kefir and have that – It is supposed to be good for the gut

1 year ago

I would assume that if there has been any success with the goats serum (I too remember the news clips about it), then making the kefir with organic goats milk would get the best results.

1 year ago

It might be worth your while reading the Clever Guts Diet Recipe Book. It’s a follow-on from the Blood Sugar Diet Recipe Book , written by Michael Mosley’s GP wife. (He’s the guy who came up with the 5-2 intermittent fasting diet). It explains the theory of ‘your gut is your health’ and talks at length about fermented foods and what they do. I’ve been on the Blood Sugar regime for nearly a year and have never felt healthier (weight loss, lower blood pressure, better skin), so I was keen to get this follow-on book. I’ve decided that the kefir is too fiddly for me to make, but there are suggestions in the book for alternatives. One I’ve adopted is a daily tablespoonful of live raw organic cider vinegar. Work in progress. BTW, larger Tesco have both recipe books for £7 each.

1 year ago

I’m a believer in probiotics and have been using them for 20 years mainly yakult. I have now moved on to a tablet form as stomach acid seems to be the enemy and kill a lot of them before they reach the gut. From what I have read the more strains of probiotics the better. I buy ACTIVO from amazon, they are in a tablet form with 16 strains of probiotic with prebiotics to feed the probiotics as well. They are time release and in a casing to help get past the stomach acid and into the gut where the provide the most benefit. I have just bought a copy of Clever Guts Diet Recipe Book (thanks cameron) cost about £3.50 on amazon.

1 year ago

I am very pleased to find others wondering if kefir might help. I have tried kombucha, it is weird and takes a lot of space. I have memories of probiotics being prescribed with antibiotics when I grew up in France. I love sauerkraut. I have made my own yoghurt and have eaten it with porridge in the morning. I have taken Actimel for more than ten years. So, it took me 62 years before starting using kefir…a while later, just when you wrote your query, I stopped Actimel. It is great, it feels natural. There is no pain or bloatedness. It just facilitates the flow. I need to drink a bit less of water. It is good that I have assistance to help me from my wheelchair. I wish there was a group on Facebook. I found a good supply in a Polish supermarket. £1.40 for 1 litre, what do you think?

10 months ago

I’ve got MS (diagnosed 5.5 years ago), on Tecfidera, and symptom/relapse free for 3+ years. I have suffered from eczema since I was a child, but have had it really badly for the last 6 months and nothing is shifting it, so I’m trying kefir. I have started today on the Chuckling Goat kefir and they advise to avoid cows milk, sugar and simple carbs… easier said than done for me, but I’m going to try (it’s also quite expensive to risk screwing up be eating the wrong thing). I’ll let you know how I get on. I guess it will be hard to tell if it’s the diet or kefir if it does work, but willing to try anything at this point! I figure it can’t hurt the MS either.

10 months ago

sorry I might be biased because I do manage a health food shop. kefir is a really good pre-biotic which means it encourages you to grow your own bacteria in your digestive tract and as there is a lot of your immune system located there I believe it can only help the only downside I can see is it has a slightly fizzy after taste which I do find quite hard to get my head around.

10 months ago

been diagnosed nearly a year now with RRMS (still can’t get my head round it)..but as they keep saying “healthy eating” helps ,i can think of no other way to be ,as i’ve always been a healthy concious vegetarian …not that that has done me any good now…but have been using kefir for my ibs…can’t speak highly…it’s the one product that i use that i know is doing me good..have been put on Gilenya since diagnosis and the only thing i notice from that is my lack of sleep now!! go figure….anyone else had this?? i know it’s supposed to kick-in at some point ,but??…any way back to the grind…:)

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