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Just need someone to talk to.

My name is Jessica, i was diagnosed in 2015 with ms. I was just told in 2017 that i have an aggressive case, and all this time i have been alone it feels like. I mean i have my family but no one truly understands what ms is or does or what i go through so i feel alone.

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9 months ago

I’m here, I’ve actually logged on to a MS chat website if you want to talk. I seem to be the only one in there and I’m fed up talking to myself

9 months ago

You are definitely not alone! We’re all in this together.
It’s hard when those close to you aren’t educated on MS, and may not understand what’s going on with you. I find it never hurts to send those people some links to places they can read up on it! Maybe you’ll even find some stuff here on shift that will be helpful with that 🙂

9 months ago

I thank you both very much

9 months ago

Hi @jessica8687 and welcome.

Lots of like-minded people here, so you no longer need to feel alone. We all understand.

9 months ago

Hi Jessica

All of us here have or currently are experiencing the same thing you mentioned so you’re not alone in that respect.

So chat away and post to your hearts content….. Fill ya boots as they say.

9 months ago

Hello @jessica8687, yes, no matter how many friends and family you have around you, this MS thing can only be experienced and understood by you. It can be dreadfully isolating, even when you’re in a room full of people. The good thing about Shift is that as a world forum, there is generally somebody around who can respond to questions or distress calls even! Good to ‘meet’ you x

9 months ago

I’m here if you need a chat Hun, God bless sweetheart xxx

9 months ago

@jessica8687 please do not b demotivated by the words “aggressive case”.. They said that to me too.. And maybe its true, but maybe not… I prefer to be blindly optimistic lol

Even with my aggressive MS, I had two years relapse free, changing medz now because of that and i still feel 95% normal…

“Normal” being quite relative, but normal refers to the old me that did not have MS yet… We all know the struggle and the frustration…

We are here…

9 months ago


You can contact me too. I understand how you feel.

I have had ms 7 years and i am bad i want to believe my case is also aggresive.

But we need to keep on!

You will find nice people here

9 months ago

If you need to talk let me know. I was diagnosed in 2014 with highly aggressive rrms and I’ve been through a lot. I don’t claim to know much but maybe I can help.

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