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Morning everyone. Hope your day goes well.

I’ve just learnt this week that I have APS and lupus as well as MS. Challenge now is to work out which one is flairing up lol. Hopefully the new meds next month may mean the pain in my joints is less so I can walk a little better.

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9 months ago

Hi @helen79 and welcome.

That’s quite some hat-trick of medical conditions. You’re not being greedy are you? 😉

Let’s hope the Tysabri works its magic on you.

9 months ago

Welcome @helen79. So sorry to hear this.
I am new to this site too and have found the people on here lovely and very helpful. You have come to the right place.

9 months ago

Best wishes life throws too many challenges.

9 months ago

Hi @helen79 how completely rubbish for you! Are receiving treatment for all of your ailments? You sound like a one woman case study, I wonder what on earth was going on in your body to land you with all this 😕 lots of virtual hugs!

9 months ago


My wife was diagnosed with Lupus 17 years ago; they wrote prescriptions for Prednisone amongst others. After research she threw them in the garbage & focused of her foods. It took her Dr. two years to figure it out; she has not had a flare up since then…

I was diagnosed with PPMS just over a year ago; my wife completely changed my diet; I have not gotten worse since then. Something to think about.

9 months ago

Receiving treatment for my MS and APS and starting lupus treatment next montholiday. I rattle as it is lol. My diagnosis for MS took 5 years because I had symptoms that didn’t fit, guess we know why now lol. Main issue is the Lupus has affected my walking for the past year but hopefully that will easeptic now. But even though have more than my fair share of issues I’m OK with it I just get on with everything.

9 months ago


Me greedy never lol. Only had 5 doses of Tysabri so far not noticing anything yet.

9 months ago

Hi helen79, I’ve just joined too and aren’t they all fabulous and helpful! Hoping to make some good friends, it will be lovely not having to explain why you can’t fill a form in and can’t cut up your own steak, I can’t walk at all now (in fact have just given away my hiking boots which I only bought 18 months ago) what a catalogue of problems, I’ve only got the MS and breast cancer so I know which is responsible for which symptom , must be very annoying not knowing which illness to blame next. Hope you get more sorted out and the walking gets better. Big hugs

9 months ago

Hi @helen79 – sorry to hear you’re going through so much. I can relate to the multiple dx syndrome. It sure makes things difficult. After years of trying to figure out what was doing what (and assuming MS was just a background illness), I finally figured out that since symptomatic treatment is all they had to offer me, it didn’t matter as much as I thought.

That is a very simplistic answer that doesn’t fit everyone. But for me, IvIg, Prednisone, vit D all were treatments for my dx – problem comes when one is contraindicated with another illness. I’m not doing anything now – except trying range of motion exercises and GI treatment for my systemic sclerosis and staying as active as possible for the SPMS – the other illnesses don’t have cures either. So it’s the good old “stay positive”!

I wish you the best with this. Glad you’re teaching out for support. Blessings!

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