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Just don't know :)

Hi, as I mentioned previously I’m new to this….MS diagnosed 2015 by my doctor believes I have had it longer…

I am having some new symptoms and not sure what it is? I have buzzing that happens in both my legs and when I bend my head down it really starts and I get dizzy.

I am worried about the progression of the disease, will I loose the ability to walk, talk, or what?

I start my first shot copaxone tonight so I haven’t really been on any medication yet.

Any personal progression stories are welcome!


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1 year ago



It’s really scary isn’t it? I was only diagnosed in July 2017. I’m not on meds but it’s scary so with you on that one!
I get dizzy too.
Just wanna say the thought of the progression is probably worse . When you worry about it. Mind is very powerful


1 year ago

Hi Rachael!

I know and your right, but sometimes, I guess its my personality, I want to know how this plays out. I read a lot lately about MS. But not sure on the timing of it all


1 year ago

@tpeters – hi – I am struggling with the same I want to feel some control over my life. But with ms it’s unpredictable and different for each person , all unique.
So that tells me we will never have a answer to that and won’t know about timings either.
For me that is hard as I have always liked certainty and feel safe, stronger in me than others . Think some of that links to my childhood.


1 year ago

@tpeters sounds like you’re panicking, try not to panic 😞 you’re still processing the diagnosis & you’re only just starting your treatment so give it chance to start to help you. None of us really know how things are going to work out but just because you’re having these symptoms right now doesn’t mean you can’t improve or that you are only going to get worse. I had this particular symptom that you mention quite strongly around the time of my diagnosis (also 2015) but it cleared up. I don’t know if this was spotanious or as a result of steroids I was prescribed at the time but a number of my symptoms improved completely so it’s not impossible. I don’t have any experience to offer with regards to Copaxone but if you’re starting treatment then hopefully everything is in hand & you are moving in the right direction. Sending virtual hugs to both you & @rachaellouise 😊

1 year ago


“This is interesting” goes through my mind a lot; it always has… Sixteen months ago my wife rolled our car with me in the passenger seat – the only thought that crossed my mind as I first was upside down was “This is interesting”…

Numbness & tingling in my baby toes was interesting five years ago; now it is just part of who I am. When the Surgeon screwed up my neck surgery leaving me a paraplegic 20 months ago, I thought that was interesting; my wife however panicked so the hospital got the Surgeon out of bed to fix it… LOL

Nobody knows how my (or your) future will unfold. And worrying will not change it one iota – so why worry? Just enjoy whatever good things occur in your life.

1 year ago

This really helped, thank you, everyone. I am going to take the meds and continue on. Sorry about the moment of panic. I’ve been reading a lot and well you know, lol
Peaceful night….


You are experiencing lhermittes sign most likely:

My wife had it when she was initially diagnosed but it has now gone away.

Its a natural set of worries you have. I have those same worries for my wife, but its unlikely you will have all of those problems. The odds are in your favor you will be walking and talking etc, especially in this day with the DMT’s we have.

Seems like you have gone 3 years without too much progression? At least thats a promising sign as well.

Is there a reason you chose copaxane to start?

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