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just diagnosed.


I have just very recently been diagnosed and the one bug bear right now is how tired I am. The nurse and doctor have only suggested I take Vit D3. Does anyone have any suggestions of what I can take to help improve fatigue?

Thanks in advance 🙂

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3 years ago

Hi @catherine82 and welcome.

Vitamin D3 deficiency is common throughout the UK – it’s the lack of sunshine! This can be one cause of fatigue, one of the major and most frustrating of our MS symptoms.

To be honest, we’re all looking for the holy grail on this one, but a vitamin D3 supplement could help you.

Were you given a blood test to check your levels? And, did they check your vitamin B12 levels, as this can be another cause of fatigue.

Here’s a bit of reading about fatigue:-

The mentioned booklet, Living with Fatigue, is worth acquiring.

3 years ago

Hi Catherine
I know that some people take MitoQ which is supposedly helping the mitochondria in the brain and they’ve had success with fatigue etc from it

3 years ago

Hi, I take Spirulina which really helped me with Fatigue, also makeing sure I get a good night sleep.
hope this helps, fatigue is one of the worse things with ms.

3 years ago

Hi. I suffer from fatigue so I know how you feel. I would firstly recommend changing or altering your lifestyle. Take more time to listen to your body (this skill requires time to be learnt). I didnt slow down my life and battled through which didn’t help at all. Plenty of water and the vit d tabs help me but not massively I’d say. I just think it’s wise to take them. Plenty of sleep and gentle exercise. I also practice mindfulness which I never agreed with before ms but helps me have that resting time. Good luck x

3 years ago

Can we buy these Mita Q and Spirulina from the counter… ?

3 years ago

I have just been diagnosed as well, on Monday. Not been told yet what type I have but I know I am shattered. I have been eating sugary crap and energy drinks to keep me going – prob not the best things but I am really starting to struggle at work. I am out and about one feet all day going up and down stairs but all I want to do is curl up and go to sleep 😴

3 years ago

I get Spirulina powder from my supermarket but I live in France so sure if you can get it in England in the supermarkets, you can buy it on amazon or ebay if you buy the powder its much cheaper.

3 years ago

Ask for drugs from your doctor, couldn’t do my day without

3 years ago


Diet is important.
No processed foods. Lots of fish and veg. I’m now pretty much wheat and Gluten free and also
Steer clear of Dairy. Apart from the occasional pizza. Love pizza.

I also find a gentle swim helps me feel energised.

My twin bro has just been diagnosed and he’s doing things the right way. instead of me helping him, he’s helping me!!

3 years ago

Caffeine! If I’m having a bad day I stop at Starbucks for a 5 shot latte and carry on through the day with coffee/ redbull. I tried without caffeine for a week and could barely get out of bed!! I’m sure most people will completely disagree with me, but, for me, it works. (I had to do this for years pre diagnosis too!)
But I do avoid processed food and artificial sweeteners as they act like sedatives to me.

3 years ago

For me – l find a strong espresso coffee in the mornings gets me up and about. l also try to be gluten-free – try not to eat many carbs – no grain/cereal. As l find them sap my energy. So no processed food. l do eat high fat/protein and veg/salad.

l take a high d3 and b12 – google ‘Could it be B12 – an Epidemic of Misdiagnosis’. All the B vits are important to us – and l now follow the B7 Biotin trial – and also B1 Thiamine – another energy booster.

3 years ago

Hi @catherine82

I don’t get fatigue but a friend of mine does. She takes vitamins every day and has really changed her lifestyle; fitness and diet. She has a snooze every afternoon which she says helps.

Hope you’re well otherwise


3 years ago

I have had MS for 35 years. I spend a lot of my time encouraging and promoting the use of HBOT which I have used weekly with benefit for 30 years. HBOT can help in symptom management. It depends where you live as to how to have HBOT. In the UK it is available at our 65 MS Therapy Centres which are all self-funding registered charities. The earlier one can start the better. I good site to look at is HBOTT or the National Ms Therapy Centres. The majority of people with MS live a normal life-span.



3 years ago

What is that exactly? And I live is the US

3 years ago

Hyperbaric Oxygenation Treatment is HBOT. It is oxygenation treatment delivered under pressure in a pressure chamber. Please take a look at the site HBOTT in the UK for a more detailed explanation.



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