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Just Coincidence?

I have recently learnt that a total of 5 people (including myself) from my street where I was born and lived for 20 years, have MS. That’s from 5 houses in one street of 15. We are all around the same age, within a few years, spent all our childhood there and all have RRMS.
Is this just coincidence? A “cluster” of cases? Bad luck? Or possibly environmental causes?
I just find this interesting and surely more than just coincidence…..

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9 months ago

I would say that yes it is a coincidence, a strange one at that but a coincidence all the same.

MS is not selective in whom it decides to attack and as far as I know it does not have a built in Sat Nav or road atlas, lol.

Is MS common or wide spread in the Town you live/lived in?
If so then you and your neighbors seem to be an unfortunate random cluster of chance.

Not enough is known about the possible environmental implications concerning MS, so it’s a possibility but no one can say for definite either way.

9 months ago

It does appear a strange coincidence …. If a virus-MS connection is proven, then maybe there was something going around in that street that may have triggered it. Just saying …. Who knows!

9 months ago

@rubyroo , an environmental factor has always be seen as a possible contributory factor behind a diagnosis of MS.

It’s just proving difficult to pin down the other factors.

Consider it as one correct number in the Lottery, where you need the other five exact numbers. Although, this is the jackpot that we didn’t want to win! 😕

9 months ago

Hello @rubyroo. Ten years ago or so I had another autoimmune condition called neurosarcoidosis. Turns out there is a higher incidence of diagnosis in my borough than anywhere else in the U.K. there has to be something in what you are aging but what, who knows…..the environmental factors are certai ly worth the researchers exploring……

9 months ago

in my openion our bodies are ready to adapt such ollnessesvsnd an environmental causes triggured it
as for me was daignosed 2005 age 17 my auntie age 45 2005 i used to visit her so often 2005 was iraq war and we are in saudi and foreign military base was bombing iraq from an area not so far from my city

9 months ago

iraq war triggured MS altho I’ve personaly felt it since childhood
so many war veterans were daignosed as i read as well there has to be environmental cause and it varies
but most things that can not be fully cured are mans made pollution besides
my city is where aramco is :/

9 months ago


Diagnosed 3 years ago and found out I was the 3rd person in my street. We are all aged with-in a year of each other and all ran about together. The street backs onto a bing (mine slag heap) and brickworks where we used to hang out. Does make me wonder as to the environmental aspects.

9 months ago

@rubyroo did tha live next to phookin nuclear power plant? Bloomin eck

9 months ago

Nutshell88 .. strange. I am ex military.

9 months ago

My mum had MS, and two others on the same road also had MS, now I have MS! Probably a coincidence but still…. quite weird 😂

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