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Job Agencies For The Disabled

Since a lot of jobs these day are through agencies, it is rare to apply direct to the company, or at least it is in my field, does any one know of any agencies that specialise in helping people who are disabled or with a chronic illness find work?
I don’t mean low paid type of work you often associate with disabled people being forced into, I mean proper, meaningful work that most people with a reasonable standard of education and experience aspire to.

It comes back to when do you mention MS in the process and I feel traditional job agencies wouldn’t touch you with a barge pole if they know you had a condition such as MS.
I would rather have the MS upfront and out in the open, but I don’t want to handicap (pun intended) myself. Regardless of what this government claims, jobs are hard to come by still, even for healthy people.

Has anyone recently looked for and got a job with MS, especially if your MS is obvious?
Has anyone managed to find suitable part time work?

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2 years ago

Hi @paul‘s, used to work for years as the in-house graphic designer for an analysis software company in Cambridge… moved out by a take over by IBM who use large agencies, my RRMS condition at the time (they claimed) had no bearing on my redundancy (which I accepted)… you at the time had to go through agencies even to get a look in, but my trade had & still is only ok if you can work with multi-media or website applications, am a bit to old design, print school…. this eventually led to no interviews & me having to leave Cambridgeshire after living in the area since the 70’s, over to my parents house in Tinwell, nr Stamford, Rutland as I was then living on my Savings.

Have been on the various agencies books ever since with no real luck, even part-time work….What I have had since & shown an interest in, have been upfront & mentioned my MS as it was obvious I had an issue, But never ever made it to second interview & this was part-time anything jobs. So, now as it would seem, if you have a good employer who understands & is really supportive, stay with them as long as you can.

Sorry paulx, not really helped with your question & hope others on this site have more +Ve news for you.

Really hope there’s a light at the end of your tunnel.

Regards J

2 years ago

Oh & B.T.W. As you say even health people are having a hard time finding work…..a friend of mine in Cambridgeshire, who has been looking for part time work locally to him, has only just found partime-work (needed to keep roof over his wife & kids heads & supplement his day job income) after looking for a year…. they work the sock of him….& only on minimum wage to, to the point where with the work load, hours he is expected to work, travelling, petrol, he is physically drained…. I really worry for him…. he is now looking for different work, (but staying where he is until he gets some where else)…. so more trolling the market.

2 years ago

@red-suzuki I am fortunate that I am currently in work and the company is very supportive. The problem is they are too far away, the driving is incompatible with my MS and I feel I am on borrowed time. The company has done a lot to help, so no complaints there but there is only so much they can do. Hence the need to find something closer, even if it that means me moving to the job. I don’t want to move to my current job because it is located somewhere I don’t want to live. Yes, perhaps I am being too fussy but I have followed work all my life and now I feel I deserve to live somewhere nice.

My thought process is to say nothing to any agency but perhaps bring it up in a second interview if I got that far. The chances are there will be a medical of some sort required, so it is not going to be hidden for long.
I have been a contractor for the last 13 years, so it can be a bit easier to get work, though it is less secure.

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