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Jaw problems

Hi, does anybody have problems with their jaw. I have been told I have TMJ dysfunction. Clicking of joint in jaw. It effects eating and chewing food. Dentist said it was ms but consultant said it wasn’t !.


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4 years ago

@ella-1011 , here’s quite a bit of detail on this condition:-

It suggests several potential causes, one of which is Fibromyalgia, which is an MS-ey type condition.

If the Dentist and the Neuro are disowning the problem, then you’ll be best off chatting to your GP about the problem and seeing what they suggest, to solve the impasse.

4 years ago

Thank you will mention that to him. I am going to see my doctor next week x

4 years ago

Wow that is a weird one. I have this problem on and off for as long as I can remember. It is good for losing weight as the only way to treat it that I have found is not to open my mouth too wide! I don’t mean to be flippant, it is a real pain when it happens and I once ended up with a mouth guard for a couple of months as a youngster.
I have learnt that at the first signs to literally shut my mouth, which is a relief for all around!
Good luck.

4 years ago

How strange as I have been getting a cramp like sensation in my jaw as if I have been clenching or grinding my teeth… 🙁 It’s more uncomfortable than painful but I will be mentioning it to my dentist and see if he has any advice too.. will let you know what he says and keep us posted with any info you get Ella 1011 😀

4 years ago

Hi. Thanks for your comments. Seeing dentist and doctor next Monday and I will let you know anything more. Have been given exercises for this and I will try and explain it: you need to roll your tongue back as far as it will go touching your palate and keep opening and closing your mouth. The tongue needs to keep touching palate at all times so you don’t open your mouth too wide. Keep doing those movements. I struggle with this a d keep forgetting.

Also I have choking episodes where food feels like it’s getting stuck in palate (this just happened again yesterday) and just today looked up on the net and I think it’s called palate expander. It’s very scary and throat still hurts now. I mentioned to my GP several years back food is going somewhere else and he said there is no where else it can go. I’ve been suffering in silence for long time. Now I’ve just seen palate expander on the net I will bring This to his attention and if ther is a connection with this and my jaw.

Sorry for long message. Xxx

4 years ago

Sorry you have been going through this! My husband is a dentist and always cites stress as the main culprit of grinding (most of which is done while you sleep). It can also be cause by a mail-occlusion (upper & lower teeth are not aligned properly).

I have had orthodontics several times and have a bite block to sleep in but I still grind. I think it is just my personality to be a stress bucket.

If you are able to take it ibuprofen works ok and antianxiety med at night helps too- maybe something to speak to your GP about.

I can become a dental problem- other than jaw & tooth pain you can actually grind down your teeth. I have done this over the years & I sleep next to a dentist! Sometimes there isn’t much the experts can do about our stress.

I hope your case responds well to treatment and you can relax better than me!

4 years ago

Hi, both dentist and doctor have never heard of food getting stuck in palate. Although, it is on the net. He did say jaw probs and palate problems are separate.

You’re right about stress and I do apparently grind my teeth but I have been given a soft guard. Have been advised by hospital that I need hard guard!

I’m totally in a muddle. It seems I have several problems in one area.

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