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Itching skin and MS?

Hi there,
I have a maybe silly question. Is it possible that your skin is itchy and you feel like scratching it all the time due to MS? Has anyone had this weird feeling or is my brain creative again?
Thanks πŸ™

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1 year ago

@polinezia1 , there’s no such thing as a silly question. Now, some of the answers might get silly though.

The short answer is yes, MS can cause these sensations. Have a read here:-

1 year ago

Hi I experienced 4 weeks of consistent itchiness in the summer. I went to an allergist but they didn’t find anything. Thankfully it went away on its own as it was a enough to drive you crazy. I took Bendryl but it didn’t really help.

Best of luck!

1 year ago

Yes! Loads in my head back and front body! Hydrating skin with cream makes it a bit less itchy.

1 year ago

Yes absolutely. During a relapse I get constant itching but when I try to scratch I can’t find the itch. It’s usually confined to one place- e.g. one thigh or arm- which will itch for a couple of weeks and then disappear, or the itch will move to somewhere else. Not painful, but very annoying!

1 year ago

Thank you all for your answers. I hope though it’s not a relapse. I got my MRI done and i’ll know tomorrow for sure but it can drive you nuts for sure. In the evening it gets worse of course so sleeping sucks too😁

1 year ago

@polinezia1 I had something similar to what @niccis described, an itch I couldn’t reach, it was infuriating, I couldn’t sleep. The GP gave me some prescription antihistamine and said at the least they’d make me sleep which they did, they didn’t get rid of the itch though. The only thing that I found that gave any relief was putting an ice pack over the area. It clearly didn’t leave anything for others who have posted but it left me with some numbness in the areas that itched. I had other symptoms as well but it was considered a relapse, and lasted a couple of months for me. I hope it goes away soon and doesn’t leave you with anything!

1 year ago

Yes 3 yrs ago when i had my first attack of optic nuritis and was not diagnosed yet i kept trying to explain the itching on my legs but my doctor just kept trying to give me creams and there was no rash but i was scratching even in my sleep it was horrible i still get ut from time to time

1 year ago

I wanted to ripped off the skin of half of my head for 3-4 weeks. Even thought of shaving that part (seriously!) Gladly i didnt and slowly it dissapeared πŸ™‚

1 year ago

I get the itchy head feeling too!
When it first started happening I thought I had an infestation of head-lice.
Brought forward my hair-cut (I usually shave it on #1 setting) just to check, but all clear!
Mostly at night is when it kicks off when I’ve just layed down in bed.
Multiple scratches abates it; then as sleep never takes long to claim me; it doesn’t present too many problems.

1 year ago

Itchy head, never goes away. I am going to try to rubbed with my knuckles instead of scratching with my fingernails, my scalp was looking like a big bruise the other day. Potter

1 year ago

Ohhh itchies …. my favourite was the itch on my back that was there for days no matter how much I scratched the damn thing ….. then randomly I scratched my chest and the itch on my back went away ….

Try having a good scratch in other places – you never know πŸ™‚ xx

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