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Good afternoon all on this beautiful sunny day. Bit of a weird thing going on with my head this last few weeks. I can only describe it as feeling like something is crawling in my hair (it isnt lol i had someone check) it also itches down the one side of my face and i get the crawling feeling there as well. It is such a strange sensation and i wondered if it is a M.S. thing and if anybody else has experienced it x

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9 months ago

Sadly it probably is an ms thing. Our bodies send extremely mixed up signals from the brain (have you seen your MRI!) so almost anything is possible. Just be grateful there is no pain involved and welcome your imaginary little visitors😍

9 months ago

Hey! I’ve been experiencing this lately. This is this second week. I have it in my hair and neck though.
I’m in my worst relapse to date at the moment, I’ve been super poorly with ataxia too.
I was also wondering if it’s an ms thing.. it’s super annoying!! For me, it feels like a major itch, but when I go to scratch, there’s nothing..

9 months ago

I have been chasing them buggers all week, I keep expecting to find a small spider or a loose hair. I find nothing! Potter

9 months ago

I’ve been there. It’s definitely an MS thing, as it never happened prior to 6 years ago. I’m sorry yours is in your hair! That would have scared me 1/2 to death! At least I could see where I was itchy/tingly and know there was nothing actually there. Mine has always gone away on its own. If it doesn’t stop, I’d recommend calling your MS specialist/neurologist for a suggestion. Just in case it means a flare up is coming on or something, you want to be safe rather than sorry.

9 months ago

I had similar symptoms – we called it the ‘Borg’ relapse, which any fans of Star Trek may relate to! Also may hint at how long ago this relapse occurred!! Fortunately my ‘Borg’ symptoms did not persist and have not reoccurred. Hope yours go away soon.

9 months ago

I have the annoying MS-Itch, had it on and off long before diagnosis.

I occasionally get it on my head/face but mostly I have it on my right shin and forearm.

I was prescribed some Fusidic Acid Cream to help stop the itching and it has helped reduce the rash/soreness and it has eased the itchiness too….. just not helped with growing back the lost hair.

9 months ago

Thank you all for your replies. Im not too worried about it its just very irritating lol – just another weird and wonderful symptom of M.S. that we have to put up with x

9 months ago

I get it down my back. It’s so annoying! Especially because it’s hard to reach. I end up rubbing my back on things & look like a bear on a tree

8 months ago

Hi Linzzzi, I get this weird feeling that I’ve walked into a spiders web and its stuck to my head and I keep trying to pick it off. Another thing was a few years back the itching on my arms got so bad I was scratching with my car keys and that stopped after a couple of weeks.

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