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Is University is too much to handle…

Hey guys, I signed up to this website a couple of years ago but I was never really active so it feels weird coming back after two years to talk about my issues but here goes…

I’m struggling so much at university… I know that most people do have stress and hard subjects but this is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my life. Balancing the work load with a social life and activities is quite literally using up every ounce of energy I have in me to do.. I’m just so tired of everything all the time, and I have been waking up every morning for the last week or so and all I can think is I can’t do this, and I genuinely am starting to believe that finishing uni will be impossible. I really need help and advice on what to do. Did any of you guys go through uni whilst having MS? How did you handle all the stress and pain? How do you guys get over you’re bad times?
I realise I’m just venting here, but I need help. I know it’s not my fault that I’m struggling and MS has made things even harder but I’m just so angry and disappointed in myself lately and I’m starting to show that anger and disappointment to my friends and family.
I’m gonna end this post here cause I feel like I can complain for hours about this. Anything helps..

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2 years ago

The prodigal son returns
No worries of a delay in posting the important things is your here & venting.
How to get over it in my mind is time management You know when you should rest & you know when things have to be done.
If you are determined to succeed then it’s a hard choice to limit your energies to uni work
You can always party hard when you’ve passed. Sorry for my pretty blunt version but you have finite resources & they need managing

2 years ago

Dear @ziprrow

I agree; galling as it is to miss out on the social life, you might need to explain your situation to your pals and explain a coffee or drink after a class is fine, a night on the town is not! At least until you get that degree (and you must give it your best shot). You could also head into the disability office for advice…really, if they are worth their salt they should have a plan for you or something to offer…better equipment…maybe some computer programme so you can ‘type’ your essays by voice rather than type them up by hand, a study buddy who can take notes for you in class etc., etc. Take care, stick with it and let the partying go for now (you will be so thrilled to have that degree in your hand…and would probably feel so jealous if you didn’t get it, as your pals move on to decent jobs with their degrees) and best of luck, lucyh xx

2 years ago

Lower your self expectations!! I’m struggling to finish my penultimate module for my ou honors degree. I went in expecting a 2:1 now I’m scrambling for a 2:2 (after a couple of sympathy passes for exams taken whilst having a replase with double vision). I’m not sure about saying to sacrifice the social life, its about deciding which one is more important long term. (ask someone who is doing economics’ to help you create a ppf curve!). @lucyh has a good point about transcribing tech. The ou set me up on “dragon” and some other amazing gear, speak to the disability team they should help.

It’s really hard, but keep going. A pass is a pass and however far you go, you should feel proud of what you are acheiving.

2 years ago

I suggest seeking extra assistance at the disability centre/office to see if you can get some help such as a note taker, extra time to do things or whatever may make your life easier. If that doesn’t work could you study part time to lessen your workload? Best wishes and try your hardest to finish up of you can…..even if it takes a bit longer.

2 years ago

Im just wondering if ‘reasonable adjustment’ applies when it comes to the award you get for your degree? Certainly you should get extra time and help and the disability office may be able to offer some advice as well as talking to your course tutor.
My husband was a lecturer and I can tell you that uni’s are run like businesses nowadays – they are loathe to fail anyone as this shows on their pass rate and affects their ratings.
Unfortunately, as elsewhere, under this dreadful government, funding for disabled students has been cut drastically so you need to take a friend and think carefully about what ‘reasonable adjustment’ you could have to help you.
I used to feel a lot like you do when when i had a really high level job – that I was too ill etc but i pushed myself to do it and even though I did take early retirement in the end, its what I had expected would have always been the outcome and I had a wonderful job, amazing achievements and I am glad I did it. Some would think differently and thats their choice and I respect that too but for you – if you want to have a bite at a career, cut back on the socialising and get that degree!!!

2 years ago

What year are you in? I know that almost everyone feels like it’s just too hard in the last year! Good luck & get all the help you can, even if it’s not what you’d like, It’ll save a bit of energy for something that you do have to do!

2 years ago

I have not been in your situation, rather, looking at it from the other side but hopefully I can provide food for thought regardless.
I have been looking into going to uni as an older student (30 in March) as my previous career was very physically demanding I need to retrain if I am to work at anywhere near the pay levels I had been used to pre diagnosis. I have always wanted to teach History and so am presented with the daunting prospect of juggling a family, a limited income and an even more limited social life all whilst enjoying the many wonderful things MS brings to the table.
If I where you I would perhaps try to look at the wider picture and imagine attempting what you are doing now but in another 10 years time and how your MS or other factors could make it more seemingly impossible.
Take advantage of groups such as these to vent, look for local therapy centres that offer all kinds of treatments, that while they do little long term, the hollistic therapies do great in relaxing you and making you feel human again despite external pressures.
Hang in there, if you do not succeed and have given it your all then so be it, just weigh everything up best you can beforehand.
And good luck!

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