cabbage777 23/04/15
Last reply 3 years ago
is this another flare?

Lower back feels numb, when walking sends sharp pain up back. Peripheral vision at one side blurred. Have rrms diagnosed Dec 2014.

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3 years ago

@cabbage777 , the following website has a pretty good definition of a relapse :-

Your visual problems do sound MS-y, but the sharp pain up the back doesn’t sound right. Have you had any lower limb weakness, which may have affected your posture/gait?

The reason I ask is that we’re very good at compensating for weaknesses in our body. But, our compensation can put unnatural pressure on another part of the body, which can then give us a physical pain.

I would have a word with your MS Nurse and chat through with them whether they consider it a relapse. Also mention the back problem and see if they would refer you onto a Neuro-physio, to check for posture/gait problems and generally any muscle group that isn’t doing its job properly.

3 years ago

Thank you, rang ms nurse this morning but unfortunately missed her ring back. Will try again tomorrow.

3 years ago

Spoke to ms nurse, yes another flare. So steroids again at least not having I so that is a bonus!!
Just when I thought things were going well

3 years ago

@cabbage777 , try looking back and seeing if you can identify a trigger for this latest MS activity.

Could it have been a busy time for you, or a stressful event?

It’s all part of understanding how we can best manage our MS. 😉

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