5 years ago
Is my cell phone going off????

Hey everyone!
Was curious about something…
A while ago I was PLAGUED with the feeling that my left foot was vibrating. I spent several hours ripping the couch apart determined that my phone kept going off and I had misplaced it on the couch. Getting a bit smarter I started placing my phone directly in front of me so that when the vibration made me crazy I could clearly see it WASN’T my phone. My foot kept this sensation through sitting, walking, and doing pretty much whatever and it lasted on and off for several days.

Anyone else experience this?

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YES! But not in my feet – I get it in my thighs and everytime it happens I go to get my phone out of my pocket only to find that my phone isn’t in my pocket. Glad I’m not the only one!


I found it really weird. It absolutely drove me crazy for a few days when it happened. Made it really uncomfortable and strange to walk around.

I get it in my thighs too- Im constantly reaching into the front of my jeans pocket trying to find my phone even if I can see it on table in front of me its such a weird sensation… I’ve actually started to miss calls now as I just think its my leg now

I’ve had this for years in my thigh, where I think my phone’s gone off when it hasn’t. I did get a buzzing sensation a little while ago, which was totally different though; every time I looked down, I’d get this weird buzzing feeling in my arms, hands, legs and feet, and across my chest. It was really disconcerting, as I first noticed it when I was driving as well.


I kind of get that too! When I look down I get a faint buzzing/tingling feeling in my hands and feet. Never really stopped to think about it. I also get severe pain in my spine and back when I look down as well.

Oh Man – that tingling feeling when you look down is crazy! It’s a sign of inflamation on the spine and is called L’Hermittes Phenomenon. There’s lots of info online if you look it up – very common in MS.

Hello, i had weird vibration through my body sensation with my first/presenting episode, i could touch my head and feel it in my feet, like a guitar string twaanggg, was really odd especially walking, MRI showed up a lesion on spinal cord, luckily it didn’t last too long (couple of weeks), but prior to it i had a pain go down my back, so i guess that was the inflammation occurring.

I’ve got L’Hermittes Phenenomenom, but I get it deep in my stomach. I’ve kept it since my last relapse. Really worried me to start off with but when I spoke to the consultant she said it was just inflammation on the brain stem that fires each time you move your neck hence why you get vibrating electrical sensations. It;s apparently completely harmless and it’s just another quirk I’ve learned to live with!

I’m constantly reaching for my pocket to answer my phone, even when it’s not ringing or even in my pocket. I get the buzzing sensation in my thighs, drives me crazy!

I think everyone experiences this, regardless of MS or not! I read an article in a medical journal talking of doctors who experience a ‘phantom bleep’. Possibly just a scourge of modern day technology!!!


I actually read that one as well!
What I experienced was completely different. Mine was a vibration in just my feet…walking, standing, sitting and it was a constant sensation for a few days in a row. Didn’t let up for anything.
When it first started the only thing I could think of was my phone on the couch next to me….but it wasn’t and it didn’t let up for around four days straight.

EMs thank you for that- i sometimes get the tingling when i look down and i thought i was going nuts!

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