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Is it worth taking time off work?

Ever since this whole journey began to getting my diagnosis with MS I’ve taken no time off, but ever since I had treatment I’ve felt more drained, more depressed and more emotional about the whole thing. So now I’m starting to question if its all becoming too much for me handle and some time off (maybe a few counselling sessions) will do me good, obviously I’m a bit worried about how work will react to me taking time off but I generally do feel this whole thing is really getting to me and I’m just not sure what to really do anymore.

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1 year ago

@marcyg921 , this whole MS journey is still new to you, so you’re still caught up in this emotional rollercoaster ride that follow diagnosis.

If you were to discuss (confidentially?) at work about your MS, then your employers are legally bound to consider “reasonable adjustments” for you. Now, they might even encourage you to take some counselling sessions.

After all, you’ve already taken the most effective drug treatment. It’s early days for this, so it’s too soon to make judgement on its effectiveness. But, you do have age on your side as well.

Hopefully, a bit of counselling to help you settle yourself down “holistically” (I was struggling for the right word there!) will help you settle down medically too.

Good luck.

1 year ago


It sounds dramtic, but getting diagnosed is to a certain extent a ‘bereavement’ -it part of yourself that you feel has ‘died’ – physically bits of your nervous system have been shredded and are kinda dead …. but then there’s your life, your future, a part of you, will it actually change ‘you’ or how people percieve you …… it changes us all to some extent no matter how we hold it together or fall apart spectacularly.

Counselling and talking therapies are very much something that can help. Having someone that you can just unload on – to say all those things out loud that go round in your head even the horrible unnaceptable things that its uncomfortable to think – it really is like grief counselling the hurt, the disbelief, the anger, the bargaining and the acceptance.

Nobody can tell you how to ‘manage’ it – there is just no recipe for that it’s more a question of eventually talking yourself into that place where ‘you are used to it and it doesn’t cripple you with every breath’

You have a PM, if you want to unload on me you have my number xxx

You need to do what’s best for you! I totally understand being worried about what work will say. But I think it would be better to take some time now and be able to go back rather than not take time now and maybe damage your body and never be able to go back. Just my thoughts, xoxo nikki.

1 year ago

I was diagnosed a year ago but it didn’t really hit me until recently how much MS would affect my life. I took some time off after I stopped the dose of solumedrol my neuro prescribed for my leg weakness (but that was mandatory — I couldn’t stay awake for more than 3 hours at time for a couple of days!). Then I went on as normal. Now, a year later, I can see benefits to taking time off work. I get tired & overwhelmed because cog fog makes my job hard and it wipes me out. Plus I’m not sleeping well due to bladder issues. By Friday, I’m toast and I sleep about 10-12 hours Friday & Saturday nights. But, I can’t take a week off here & there just for MS, so I take the occasional Friday off and I work at home once or twice a month which means I can take a short nap during the day. It works for me but you have to do what works for you. I’m slowly learning just how exhausted I can get from every day life and how beneficial it is for me to have down time now. I mean, that’s good advice for anybody, even without MS. But with MS, I think it’s necessary.

I’m just babbling now. 🙂 Only you know what’s best for you. With MS, it’s easy to overdo things, and you need to process everything, so do what feels right for you. xx

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