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Is it MS?

I’m new to this site and I am living in limbo. I got rushed into hospital 5 years ago because I lost the complete use of my left side (and it didn’t help as I work with horses) they thought I had a stoke but ruled that out and then thought I had a brain tumor but when I had my first MRI scan they found a lot of lesions on my brain so then came a lot of tests, endless lumber punches, blood tests but they all came back clear. I can’t remember from 2010 to 2013 (which is so scary). My symptoms come and go and at the moment I have my left arm in spasms with constant pins and needles.
My neuro consultant has run so many tests he has drawn a blank as he says my symptoms aren’t normal MS symptoms but he has finally booked me an appointment to see an MS consultant
I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas or any advice

Thanks everyone

Sadie xx

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3 years ago

Welcome to the site, @sadi .

I can understand how frustrated you feel with this situation which is still undiagnosed after 5 years.

Unfortunately, our bodies are pretty complex and Multiple Sclerosis as a condition is notoriously difficult to diagnose. The symptoms of MS are also presented in various other conditions, hence the problem.

As you’ve exhausted the Neurologist, an MS Consultant is a good way forward.

The only thing I can suggest, apart from patience, is to create a short, concise list of all the strange, unexplained things that you have endured over the last five years. This will be a valuable addition to the tests that have already been performed.

In the interim, be kind to yourself. Doing anything else could possibly aggravate the problem. And, please try not to worry. That’s a very unproductive emotion, which could make any problem worse.

Let us know how things progress.

3 years ago

Thanks Stumbler

I might start making a list of all the symptoms I can remember over the past 5 years and hoping I can get something from seeing the MS consultant


3 years ago

Hi Sadi I am new to this site too, and now feel more overwhelmed by MS… it took the neuro nearly six years to give me my diagnosis so try and stay positive and keep smiling through every day…. The professionals always stated that they did not want to give me a label…. Which wasn’t what I was looking for, just needed to know which desease I was going to be sharing my body with and how we were going to get along… I stay positive and cheerful and when I am having a not so good day I think about how much worse it could be and feel very lucky …. Just started visiting the local MS Centre and meeting new like minded people so welcome the community and enjoy making new friends xxxx. Lori

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