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Is it coincidence?

I have spoke to a few people with MS at Hosp (mainly females) and most of them can connect their MS to an accident or something stressful their body has gone through IE childbirth.I was wondering if any of you guys could connect this too.

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6 years ago

I only realised relatively recently that my first MS symptom (ON) surfaced a few weeks after the completely unexpected death of my father (who was in his mid fifties) back in 1995.

Connection? Who knows. Maybe. All I know is that stress is a pretty good way of exaggerating my symptoms…

6 years ago

everyone tries to make sense of a diagnosis and stress does make everything worse i’ve been having attacks since my late teens, since then i’ve had lots of stressful things happen in my life and lots of attacks, but correlation doesn’t always prove causation. pregnancy has always given me relief from my attacks and makes me feel normal. so everyones experience is relative. i got really bad double vision on holiday once, i’m sure that wasn’t supposed to be a stressful experience but my partner can make even the most relaxing experiences fraught with tension!

6 years ago

My MS started in Oct 2010-no stress, no major life issues etc. Many people do however -like you said-seem to have had major things going on in their lives prior to diagnosis.x

6 years ago

Hi Carolyn
When I was diagnosed the neurologist asked me if I had MS in my family, I said not that I know of, then he asked if I had had a major accident in my life and I had in my teens, they say it is not inherited but I read and hear of so many people that say their mum has it or sister/brother has it, strange, I dont know what to think, it is a worry when you have a family

6 years ago

I did have an accident and also it was the time when i started smoking..

6 years ago

My last major flare up (the first that we really noticed something was going on) I had a whole bunch of stressful events happen right before it. Stress does seem to be a trigger.

6 years ago

MS was on the cards for me over 3 years ago when i had a bout of ON. Since then, the neuro was not convinced I had it…I had check ups with him and MRIs every 12 months. Nothing changed. No symptoms etc. My last MRI September last year, when writing the referral he said “this will b your last MRI”. If it shows no changes, you will not need one for 5 years and I doubt that you will ever have a problem. Well, the MRI showed a new lesion…man I was angry. But…since the previous MRI, I had taken on a management position at the cafe which was 40 hours a week. It was a really stressful job…like REALLY stressful. I was also still studying to become a vet nurse and working a day a week at the vet clinic, so I was getting one day off a week. In amongst this, we watched my mother in law die, my grandfather in law died, a very close family friend died, our dog had to be put down (the same day as my grandfather in law died), my grandfather fought for his life in ICU (but survived), our budgie died, my fiance broke his foot, they thought my brother had a brain tumour (which was not the case)…and then what do you know, I get a new lesion. All of this happened between my non changed MRI and my latest MRI. Is it all connected?? Who knows? its nice to have something to blame though!

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