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10 months ago

hello again
i just seen your post on this. i have done the whals protocol for near two years and the results for me were not good. i am sure it works for some people and i am sure its beneficial for health and well-being. BUT this was my experience. i followed it perfectly. never wavered from it and kept to the protocol. i was excited to see how it worked but it made me weaker much more symptomatic and i felt ill. i lost two much weight going from a healthy 13 stone down to 10….for a 6ft man this was not good. my weight training suffered as i thought it was my MS progressing into my top half of my body even-though MRIs came back showing no progression but what was happening. well as my health was going down the drain i had a moment of realisation – i needed food proper healthy diet that i always had…dairy gluten meat all the stuff that we are warned against. so i started eating what i was used to and i got a whole lot better. my strength went through the roof. My symptoms improved and i felt well again.
Look people will argue for and against diet but this was my experience. i now eat what i want when i want and it dose not effect me one bit. is it down to my change in the belief system regarding food…who knows but im enjoying my food again and this in my opinion is more important. i done most diets even went on fruit and veg & water for over a year….not good ….your body is designed to take what it needs from food and discard of the rest. my opinion is keep a healthy diet enjoy your food as you have enough to deal with (and i am sure people all over the world would be healing themselves through diet from all conditions if it were the cause, just my opinion) exercise and just be happy…

Whals did not work for me it might work for you….stay strong my friend…

10 months ago


I am not sure what to think at the moment . Willing to try anything that may have a possibility of helping me .. try and give it a chance is my mantra then see.
I’m like anyone else I get disheartened at times because things aren’t easy!

Being unhappy can make you stressed too.
Mind is part of most changes . If that doesn’t get on board then things may not work as well .
Have you thought about what the long term affects of certain foods are?

What was your version of following it perfectly and at what level? I don’t just mean nutrition ?

They all say don’t eat gluten and dairy .. OMS, Swank !

Rachael x

10 months ago

Dear Rachellouise, I have been on the Wahl’s protocol (plus) for more than two years and yes, the outcome was great😁! I was like a zombie before, really big depression, hardly moving around etc etc I don’t want to bore you with details. I’m not so precise nowadays, and have included some OMS as well😊. I know that this is not the way. You should stick to one at the time. But little by little you get closer and closer to yourself, you get to know what all the foods are and which are right for you and which aren’t. I agree with highflyingbird: you must follow yourself “exercise and be happy” he says. I hear you and your voice is clear. Be also strong.

10 months ago

@teresapascolat – thanks for your rely.
2 years wow Gold star to you right now because i have been sticking to it but it’s hard. I am level 2 as had to drop back from levels 3 as I was having bad reaction. I think you have to be gentle with yourself . I went into ketosis but was very high in the dipsticks so it was too fast. What level are you at? Did you have any reactions along the way or did you do it quite gentley?

I am struggling with recipes ! Have you any?

How has it improved you? I have lost 3 half stone . I was getting bigger over years but didn’t realise it. I also noticed brain fog improving . I am hoping for more improvements .

I agree with you on food things. I am noticing more reactions to foods.
I hardly eat many foods but I know there are foods still not agreeing with me even though most people would term them “healthy” . It’s finding out so I am going a step further and enlisting some outside help . There’s also elimination of foods diets.

I think it’s good to find support as it’s not easy on your own wondering if your doing things okay! Plus nice to have support also from people doing the same so we can share ups and downs and our journey on the protocol . Your 2 years in so how is it going?

Rachael 😊x

10 months ago

Hi there! 😋 So we are talking about…what? Food? I have never given it much attention really, so it was not difficult for me to get straight into level 3. I checked my ketosis regularly (as told) but the sticks I used have changed giving more info. that I didn’t need, but mostly so, but so terribly expensive! Today I just rely on my blood analysed once a year. The same goes for the supplements. So far, so good. Now the difficult question: recepies?
Well, I’m rather wild…I eat everything raw, a part from fish (frozen and wild) (that is until I’ll turn a plastic bottle myself!!!) which is just cooked briefly in a pan with a bit of olive oil (hoops, not supposed to use it for cooking but I can’t stand coconut anymore 😶 neither oil nor milk – although I used the two for about a year and a half) sprinkled generously with turmeric. Grass fed animals are nowhere to be found in this part of the world (well, I haven’t yet) and in the third millennium 😔 Only fish then, raw vegetables, the fruit allowed (no apples or pears), seeds soaked 24 hours, linseed oil (1 spoonful a day). I have kept up with the quantities required but in the last 3 months my stomach likes to deal with much less veggies😊. And of course 16 hours between one meal and the other: brunch and dinner.
As you know the big NO are: sugar, milk products, cereals, legumes, eggs, potatoes…but you already know all, don’t you? Getting proper counselling regarding diets would probably be a good idea. I wouldn’t forget exercising though, absolutely & absolutely important: the two things must go together. Like mind and body.
How am I doing now? Well, I didn’t do much moving around today, but I started the day with the ft paper on my lap, I kept on reading and writing, I did a translation, and…I spoke to you😁 Before the diet I could never ever do this: NO WAY! Just sleep, possibly disappear or hide away in the smallest tiny hole I could find. The big black cloud was stationary on my head. I knew nothing about exercise, about food or else.
Be close to your body, be gentle, don’t ask it too much, give it time, listen to it and be strong, always. Your mind can help you. And now 😴

10 months ago

@teresapascolat – i truly wish you the very best in the diet and i hope it works for you but it did not work for me. i agree with everything that been said above as it helps people and thats what matters. i went to protocol plus and things were getting worse for me but if you feel you can control your MS through diet you do it because it helps. i followed Dr Terry Whals and researched into her protocol. she also done a lot of alternative treatments apart from diet. i think she is great a true warrior. she has done her research and she can put up some good facts to back up her theory.
i dont eat artificial foods, MSGs, E,s, processed foods, farmed fish, and i am very careful as to what supplements i take and whats in them. i exercise a lot and do physio stay happy laugh a lot and eat a healthy balanced diet including gluten and dairy.some nice green shakes and fruit. this works for me.

Stay strong my friends yer all doing great and i wish ye the very best………

10 months ago

Thank you 😄! You are so right when you say that meditation and a good laugh must be there not to get lost! Mustn’t forget that, right?
Dear @rachellouise…meditation and a good laugh! 😂
The path can be slippery at times, but isn’t it always so?
Take good care of yourselves😊 xx

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