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Hi all. I’m new to all this as I was only diagnosed in December 2016. So not sure what to expect. But is it normal or common to get seriously irritated with ms. The last couple of days it’s been very bad and I just can’t settle to anything. I had to walk away from a mri appointment last nite as irritation was bad. I’ve never suffered with that before especially to walk out of hospital as those places don’t bother me. So was just wondering if it was normal to feel like this. Many thanks

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2 years ago

@simon2016 , you need to cut yourself some slack. A diagnosis of MS sends us a rollercoaster ride, which can be split into various emotional phases:-

1. Shock and Denial
2. Pain and Guilt
3. Anger and Bargaining
4. Depression, reflection, loneliness
5. The upward turn
6. Reconstruction and working through
7. Acceptance and hope

And, it’s not a direct ride either. Some looping around is natural too.

So, sit down and catch your breath, then move forward again. 😉

2 years ago

I’m in the same boat as you.. but just try to have some patients with yourself! It’s all frustrating at first but it will get better, I’m only 2 months into this new life of mine and it’s already getting better 🙂

2 years ago

NORMAL i had exactly the same mate except mine became panic attacks or bad anxiety i was constantly leavimg situations that made me uncomfortable

2 years ago

The norm with MS is “there is no normal!”. Everyone on here, their story is different. Many suffer same or similar symptoms. Go back for the MRI appt. They are very expensive and the NHS won’t thank you for missing one. Valuable tool in diagnosing and finding more out about MS.
Glad you have found us so soon after diagnosis.
Also the MS Society have very informative website and branches around the country.
It is worth making contact with others with MS, otherwise it can be so lonely.
Talk to your family and freinds about what your feeling as well. They will be concerned and worrying FOR you at this time.

2 years ago

Your new at diagnosis but I found during the early days of Mri’s and appointments, I felt like a guinea pig. I definately still get easily irritated and have mood swings due to the Ms but I definately think yours stems from frustration and endless appointments and this damn disease. I have been there and it’s time consuming and super irritating but those MRI’s are my only way of knowing how meds are working or how my ms is progressing. These different emotions you are experiencing will get better. I am handling my diagnosis a bit better as I have been dealing with Ms since I was at least 16 and this diagnosis finally gave me the answers I needed. You will still have your down days but the good things around you will encourage you out of your slump. Keep your head up and be your own health advocate you can do this.

2 years ago

Hi many thanks for the reply. It’s true you do feel like a guinea pig. The constant never ending scans all the eye tests the physio. All piles up in you mind. I’ve learnt a lot in such a short time but still find it very hard to come to terms with. The hardest is the constant trying to explain to different people what it is. It’s come to the point where I just say Google it and read it yourself type. I’ve no idea when I’ll be staring treatment yet as I have to s travel a around a 150 mile round trip just to see some guy to get the OK to pursue the dmts. Such a slow process. And being where I am in the middle of no where their isn’t the support to hand. It’s very tough and a horrible condition to even more so when I thought I was fit and healthy but I have just found out thro the ms nurse that I’ve probably had this condition since I was 16. And now it reared it’s ugly head.

2 years ago

@simon2016 new diagnosis is a shock to the system. The stages @stumbler posted are pretty much what we all go through although the order sometimes varies.

The angry came first – I’m very type A
This was my body it would obey me ….. resistance would be futile – I must find the biggest baddest weapon and I will fight this – Bargaining wasn’t an option this wasn’t a negotiation it was all out war

The irritation at people and things wasn’t far behind or it was all at once.
For me I described the irritation as the complete and utter failure of my ‘fuckwittery tollerance’. Self inflicted things were suddenly something I wanted to (and sometimes did) respond in a very derisory manner – live on booze, takeaways and stay up late always got a cold or constantly tired – well duh, you reap what you sow ……. 🙁 I guess I no longer was willing to ignore for want of a better word the hypocrisy of doing stuff that is bad for you and then grizzeling about the consequences

The battery of tests and retests are frustrating, the waiting, the time they take to do, the time it takes to hear results (and the quality of the information that is provided in those results – when it deigns to arrive)

The do you tell people and be ‘OUT’ about it or keep quiet and hope nobody notices …..

It’s a slow arsed process with more plot twists than Game of Thrones (and significantly less rip roaring romping)

You have a friend request, if you want somone to talk to, vent on, rip the world a new one with I’m happy to share contact details.


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