jenny4hughes 13/03/17
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Irish Drivers Licence & Optic Neuritis

Hi guys,
I was wondering if any of you have experienced any issues with getting your driver’s license renewed in Ireland after suffering with optic neuritis.
My license is up for renewal in May but I relapsed with ON in my left eye last February but the sight in my left eye hasn’t been 100% since. Driving is the only bit of freedom/independence I have and would be truly devastated if that was taken away from me. In general it has no impact on my driving other than I don’t particularly like driving when it’s dark.
What is the likelihood that they won’t renew my Irish license or has anyone ever had an issue with this before?
I know I’m specifically asking about Ireland but if people have experiences in other countries I would be interested to hear them too. All comments (no matter how long since the time of me posting) are well come 🙂
Thanks, J x

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11 months ago

@jenny4hughes , I think you’ll find that your Neurologist and Doctor will be asked whether you are still fit to hold a licence. So, it’s down to those two.

I would hope that they would speak to you if they were thinking of responding negatively.

Otherwise, it is just a bureaucratic procedure.

11 months ago

@jenny4hughes , I’m in Derry and on a 3yr medical license up here, when i have to renew the write to my Dr, so far they havnt taken my license away (yet lol)

11 months ago

@frankielideo & @stumbler, thanks a mill for the replies. I was talking to my MS Nurse and she doesn’t seem to think it will be an issue getting it renewed!

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