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Iphone 6 Plus for visually impaired

Let me just start by saying I’m not writing this to promote a brand.
I have optic neuritis in one eye since June this year and its still not recovered which makes reading quite difficult without glasses (actually still difficult with glasses sometimes ). I just received an iPhone 6 Plus and when I set it up it had 2 options – standard view or zoomed view. Zoomed view makes all fonts as large as you like on all pages/formats. On my previous phone I could make the font large but it was only with text messages and all websites were still standard size.
I just thought I’d post this to let anyone with visual impairment know as I hadn’t seen this on the apple site when they revealed the new phone.

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3 years ago

Got optic neuritis in my right eye in September 2012 couldn’t see a thing out it.has recovered a little bit but not much it’s still very poorly i can’t see any lights out it or read with it! I phone th eye doctor last week and ask him if I was visual impaired because I was going for a train pass (so I could get better concessions) and he said I wasn’t that i had good enough sight in left eye (which sometimes I get double vision with)if this isn’t visual impaired what is?

3 years ago

I have optic neuritis and it still hasn’t cleared. This is great information as I am due an upgrade soon! 🙂

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