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7 years ago

I always took my Copaxone injections in the evenings, I didn’t much fancy starting my days with injecting myself. Have you thought about changing the time you inject?

7 years ago

well i am considering it but its like what if i go out at night i’l’ have big lumps all over me :/

7 years ago

hey i have been taking copaxone for a while and i not take my injection some times in the morning if i am on a late shift but when i am early shift i take it in the afternoon and it dose get easy after time the way i do if if i feel a lump i use a small massager or an ice pack try this out. hope it helps Zoe.

7 years ago

Hiya I inject with rebife I don’t no how many times u have to inject but I do it 3 times a week I do it Monday’s Wednesday’s and den Fridays but if I’m going out I’ll inject either Saturday or Sunday and pick up again then the following week but I inject at night just a half hour before I go to bed it dose play on my mind but it gets part if my nightly routine. And if u put a hot pack on the site before u inject a few mins before it keeps the limps and bumps down and the red marks aren’t so bad. Hope it helps the hot pack really helped me.

7 years ago

An autojector might help? I use one for my rebif. You can change the settings so it doesn’t go in so deep and you can’t really see the needle either, a big plus for me!

7 years ago

I take my injection before I go too, bed, like a post above, it’s just part of my routine. I found myself putting it off, and I even deliberately ‘forgot’ to do it once, it’s not good! I was only on my medication since august and had been feeling so tired that I was sure it wasn’t working, but I had an MRI a few weeks ago and got great results. So I know the medicine is working, it makes it a lot easier when you know it’s doing as it should, and instead of resenting the fact that I had to inject I was thankful that there was something that can help. I do understand what you mean though, I hate having MS too, but try your best to keep positive, and maybe switch to night time injection time. I do have some little red lumps, but they fade after about two days. I hope this helps!

7 years ago

Gotta say I’m not surprised people are tempted to skip Copaxone injections if they get the skin reactions I’ve been getting! But I figure I can put up with that if it’s going to help even a little bit in the long run, despite how sore my skin is!

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