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Inheriting M.S Who to believe!?

So, the Argus has a story about OMS . I have read about it in the past but as a vegetarian didn’t go any further as they were so keen on a vegetable AND seafood diet.
However, out of interest I read the article but was horrified to read the view on inheriting M.S! “The risk of close family members inheriting M.S is extremely high” !!
Obviously as a Mum of three the first thing I researched was the chances of my children developing it. I could find nothing that said they had an extremely high chance!
Have I been mislead? Am I clutching at straws? Should I be having a different conversation with my 23 yr old daughter, 20 & 13 yr old son’s?
Your views would be gratefully received. Thanks.

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Where have you read that? Can you post the link? I thought chances are low.

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Thanks for putting link up Stumbler, I’ve forwarded the M.S trust link to my daughter.

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Hello there!

My sister and I have both been recently diagnosed with MS. Given that my daughter has ITP our consultants suggest there may be a genetic predisposition to autoimmunity and not MS

My consultant told me in March that the likelihood of a parent passing on to a child is slightly under 2 percent so very, very slim I’d say. Hope that helps!

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What I have read there is a genetic component but it takes something to trigger it. My mothers family I believes has a predisposition to autoimmune diseases. I have two aunts who died of MS and twelve die of ALS including my mother and I currently have a sister who has ALS. Besides MS I also have two autoimmune skin problems. When they were trying to figure out if MS could be inherited they could just asked any family with MS in it. The good news is they are making such good progress in treating MS. When ever I am around my son I remind him about taking Vit D3, I’m not worried about him right now he is living on a island and getting lots of sun. There is so many things that can happen in life you can’t let the what if’s upset you. My son and his wife have decided not to have children because they both have bad genes. I told my daughter in-law that we wouldn’t had children if we would have known. She got really upset and said my son wouldn’t have existed and she wouldn’t have met her soul mate. She said this might change her mind about not having children, I don’t think it will. She has severe scleosis. Potter

@min the link that stumbler posted has similar numbers to other sources that I have seen. There is reason to think that the risk is about 5 times higher then an average person. So while that might seem high, its still comes down to about 1% or so. However, the link between parent/child is stronger then say an aunt/uncle. So with three kids my guess is you are looking at a 1 in 20 chance that one of your kids will have MS. So in my family we have started doing a few things with our kids (15 & 12 years old).

o Make sure they get 15 minutes of direct sunlight each day
o vitamin D
o flaxseed (and a little flaxseed oil)
o less sugar and healthier diet (more fruit like blueberries)
o whole food smoothie everyday with most of the above in it

The OMS book that was probably the source of the article above is really good and describes the risk appropriately. Its not alarming, just precautionary simple things to reduce risk.

As your kids our a little older, it would be good for them to at least be aware of the possibility so they can get diagnosed early if they do get it. Luckily today there are so many options on the horizon I feel like MS is not the worst thing that can happen to my kids looking down the road. Of my worries for them, I dont think MS is in the top 10 (for them).

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