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Hellooo everyone,

Hope everyone is doing well. My question is that l have been very careful with my diet since l was diognosed which was 3 years ago, However recently, l have been craving for chocolates, cakes, crisps…… and l have been eating all of them because l am fed up, and tired of being controlled by MS, so l do not care approach l am using but it is taking its toll. I started having pain under my left limp, get bloated each time l eat them, balance issue came back as well as the fogginess in the brain. Now my worry is; am l kind of sending an invitation to another relaps. Also L want to know whether there is any reseach regarding the relaps frequency between the first and the second or the third ones. How many years for example on average could pass after the first relaps. My first one was in May 2015…almost 3 years ago. For how long can l stay relaps free?
Thank youuu alll

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1 year ago


I was sn underwigh girl before and after daignosis 13 years ago. “2005”
I eat chocolate ice creams and I was having loads of them first 5 yrs after daignosis becsuse its been hidden I actualy didnt know I have MS till 2010 after starting interferron amd over worry about my diet actions over thinking ect.
But I got over it in 2012 andim still off relapses.
Years passes no relapses yes chocolate loads of coffee and tea.

Not advising you to do the same.
Im so thin genetacly apetite is bad so even the chocolate i eat small amounts
You can enjoy it but moderate your intake.
Just dont get carried away
Avoid fizzy drinks completely and smoking. And worrying 😉

Be safe

1 year ago

@zulfihan , “a little of what you fancy does you no harm”, or so they say. But, it sounds like you have surpassed the “little” referred to in the phrase.

And, it looks like your body is letting you know of it’s displeasure. Perhaps you need to return to your disciplined diet………..

As far as relapses are concerned, there is one rule and that is that there are no rules. MS is just unpredictable.

1 year ago


It is your life; you can do what you want. Just don’t complain about your decisions afterwards…

No milk, no eggs, no red meat is non-negotiable. Yet since I only live once, my wife makes me an omelette once a month. And I keep looking at the BBQ knowing I will have tenderloin steaks once a month over the summer.

Yet if you choose to completely disregard recommended foods while binging on foods you know may destroy you for life; be prepared for the consequences…

1 year ago

I get sweet cravings too, but try to control them by cooking healthier puddings, e.g. baked apples or pears stuffed dried fruit. I’m learning ‘vegetable baking’, too, which is fun. You can do chocolate cake, for example.PM me if you want details of the relevant recipe books.

@zulfihan Regarding your question on how long you can stay relapse free its a tough thing to predict. However, relapses slow down with age on average and thats a well established observation. Are you taking any DMTs?

If you havent had a chance to read a book called overcoming multiple sclerosis I would recommend it. It is a book of hope for pwMS. Its gives you a diet approach thats not easy at first, but gets better and better over time. My wife started it about 18 months ago and while she has craving now and then, as she gets used to it, she doesnt feel like she is sacrificing as much as she used to.

There are probably other factors at work as well, your weight and the amount of exercise etc. I wouldnt be hard on yourself, but rather find a way to make small choices for the better each day. Being mad at your MS is fine. Taking it out on your body, doesnt really benefit you in the long run as you indicate.

1 year ago

I thank you to all for the responses I got. Yes since I got diagnosed which was in 2005 May, I have been following quite a strict diet. Yes i have red those books really eye opening . So far i have managed pretty well l think but injection every week is becoming an issue now.
Stumbler you are right. l need to go back to my diet again. l did read somewhere which highlighted thatit is unlikely to remain relaps free; you will have a relaps no matter what. Having this idea remained in my mind l wanted to know whether there is research looked into the average year of relaps free.

Thank youu very much
have a nice day everyone

1 year ago


I still eat what I want but I just cut out gluten, I get round that easily enough. I figure if you cut everything out that you love, then whats the point if you don’t enjoy it and it makes you miserable 😕?

Life is too short, so eat the darn cake, drink that glass of wine and just smile 😊.

Cheers 🍷

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