5 years ago
in pain all nite!

i tell you its all coming back to me now! all the pain i have been in for years its cause of the MS…. i hurt so bad at night.. some of it cause i have a bad bed but most cause of the MS! ok im done venting!

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Could you not get a memory foam mattress topper to see if that gives any relief to you?
Just a thought.

i do have one….. but it does not help at all! so it is now on my floor and my 1 year old loves to run all over it! i need my tax money back so i can get a new bed! I just wonder how much tylenol one person can take!ya know!

Tylenol is an all-purpose analgesic.
Could your pain be other than musculo-skeletal caused by the bed, e.g. neuropathic?
What I am saying is that there may be better meds, dependant on the type of pain being experienced.

Hi there first of sorry to hear you are having such bad pains in the night . As an ex nurse I can tell you what you are taking at the moment is just a broad based pain relief you really need to talk to either your nurse or your neurologist to get treatment specific for your needs . I agree with @stumbler a good bed is essential but that can only help you partway . The right treatment is essential ! !!! All the best @femke xx

ill have to ask my doctor! i see her on the 23rd this month… its just meds are so much these days… i hope she can give me something else… its bad pain. nothing better than waking up every hour on the hour due to pain…

No it’s worst especially at night nights without sleep just go on and on ! A while ago a asked for a double appointment in order to go over my whole regime we changed quite a bit and I won’t lie the first week was hard but now everything is a lot calmer including my night less spasms and and the need to try and move the pain away we resolved the night pains by taking a kind of Valium . On top of it I understand you have a little one so sleeping when you can becomes all the more important ! I wish you all the best and hope you get what you need ! Femke xxk

THANKS Femke! i hope what ever she does works.. i think thats part of why im so tired during the day…

Of course no sleep at night tired during the day it’s common sense . Am lucky if I have a bad night I can rest during the day I’m counting my blessings right now I really feel for you and your family !

hope that tonight will be better!!!

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