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Hi ..My fiance has MS. He is 30 years old and was perfectly healthy up until 5 months ago. He can no longer walk with out a cane or without falling constantly. He has been vomiting, can’t hold down food, lost a lot of weight. He sleeps alot. Is depressed & has NO sex drive. Can someone please tell me if his symptoms are going to improve or worsen. I am under so much stress with this all. Watching the man you love hurt every single day is killing me. I have no answers & no one to talk to. 🙁

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3 years ago

@sarahmtz , it’s good of you to join us on behalf of your fiance.

The constant vomiting is something best addressed via your GP. It could be some form of acid reflux, possibly caused by the MS. But, he needs to keep himself hydrated as an absolute minimum.

The sleeping, depression and lack of sex drive can go hand-in-hand with MS. It’s difficult being the alpha male hunter/gatherer, then you lose some of your male attributes, like not being able to run with the pack. You get the picture.

Is your fiance in touch with his MS Nurse about what’s going on? They can liaise with his Neuro and GP to progress any required treatments.

All you can really do, as you’ve been doing, is learn about the MS. The MS Trust does a range of publications to fill any knowledge gap (

Otherwise, all you can do is reassure him and show that you understand and are there to support him. Worrying and stressing about the future is understandable, but these negative emotions achieve nothing constructive and can antagonise the MS. If he can, he needs to avoid these.

Is your fiance on any treatments at present? And has he been offered any High Dosage Steroids over the last 5 months?

Steroids are usually prescribed to help overcome any serious relapses, which sounds like this one.

Be strong and be together.

3 years ago

Thank you for replying. Calvin was diagnosed in 2007. He was put on gylnia and had been doing fine up until now. 5 months ago they did blood work and said that his white blood count cell was at 12 and his CD4 T Cell Count was alarmingly low as well. They suggested that the gylnia might be the cause and we should look into another form of medication. He switched over to the Abaugio and from that point relapsed into a severe state of helplessness. He could not whole left side of his face looked like he had had a stroke. The whole left side of his body went numb. And from that point it has been a battle we don’t know how to handle. He was in the hospital for weeks. They then transferred him into the inpatient rehad where they did give him steroids. He was in there for about a month and did extensive PT. He seemed to be better and now seems like he relapsed again. I don’t know and the doctors really dont know.

3 years ago

The low bloods will certainly account for the lack of sex drive, depression and fatigue.
As stumbler says the vomiting could be side affect of meds or something unrelated to MS.
Keep the neuro and Ms nurse informed.

3 years ago

@sarahmtz , I can understand the need to switch from Gilenya with those kind of blood results.

Was Aubagio the first recommended alternative, as there are other options? Possibly Tecfidera (BG-12), Tysabri (aka natalizumab, a monthly infusion) or even Lemtrada, which I believe has recently been approved for use in the States.

The steroids given to him, hopefully high dosage over 3-5 days, should address the inflammation on his Central Nervous System (CNS), which is causing this problem. However, steroids aren’t an immediate fix and will be working over the next 6-8 weeks to assist Calvin’s recovery.

Both you and Calvin need to adopt a positive attitude, which I know will be hard given the circumstances, but is a necessary foundation to build on.

Don’t accept that the Doctors don’t know what to do. Or is this just the impression that you’ve gained? If they really don’t know what to do, then you need to switch teams to one with some MS expertise.

Just never give up, you both need to ride this storm out. Don’t get frustrated, but be patient…..

3 years ago

Aubagio is very similar to leflunomide (Arava) used in RA that a lot of patients can’t tolerate because of serious nausea/vomiting. Get in touch with your MS team, there are other drugs out there that may suit him better. Don’t give up! 🙂

3 years ago

@sarahmtz I don’t have any information to help his situation but I can see that you’re quite distressed seeing him like this and probably feeling somewhat helpless- a bit like a man during childbirth, he can’t take away the pain, all he can do is be encouraging and be present. I think that you need to take care of yourself and take steps to reduce your stress and relax- if you fall apart you won’t be much help to him. @stumbler always has good advice and there’s many ears to listen and shoulders to cry on, on this forum so feel free to vent on here. We are all here to help. Take care.

3 years ago

Stumbler …thank you for taking the time to help. I appreciate you sharing all your knowledge with me. Sincerely, Sarah

3 years ago

Thank you. I am very stressed to be honest. Took Calvin in to the emergency room Monday night. Not only does he suffer with MS but Diabetes as well. He had been so sick vomiting and not eating that he didn’t take his insulin and actually went into a state of DKA (Diabetic Ketoacidosis). Almost lost him. I am so tired………..

3 years ago

Wow you need some very big cyber hugs! stay strong and hassle for all the help you can get.

3 years ago

It probably seems impossible to stay as stress-free as possible, but it will help both of you. I know I get stressed about the least little thing at times, but my very supportive hubby calms me down. I do notice my body reacting when I’m stressed, and I get tired easily when I’m stressed.
As others have said this site is wonderful for such great support from everyone on here, especially Stumbler with his great advice and support, he always has the answers 🙂
I hope you’re able to get some answers soon, regards Gwenny 🙂

3 years ago

Hi Sarah

I can’t imagine what you must be going through, but I hope the last couple of days have been better for you both.

Regarding the vomiting, it sounds similar to something I went through in 1995-96. (around 15 years before I was diagnosed with MS, but I suspect it’s linked). Investigations showed the valve at the bottom of my oesophagus had stopped working and was stuck ‘Open’, so the stomach acid was washing back up the tube causing inflammation. Eating irritated the inflammation, causing vomiting which inflamed it further. And so on and so on. No amount of antacids worked (Gaviscon, Zantac, etc). In the end what DID work was tablets called Zoton. These are Proton Pump Inhibitors which stop the stomach producing acid in the first place, rather than attempting to neutralise the acid that has already been produced.

Of course I’m no expert, and everybody is different, but I just thought it may be worth mentioning this to the GP, as it took over a year of investigations and trial-and-error for me to start getting better, and this might provide a shortcut.

Take care.

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