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I'm scared of excitement

Today has been a good day, I went to the gym. And then I could either take the bus or walk 20 min to the GP to get a prescription.
I didn’t take the bus as I was feeling happy and strong.
Went back home by bus, the bus stop is 10 min walk to home.

I was walking home feeling happy for being able to walk and working out.
Then I dripped and landed on my arm against of my ribs, I couldn’t breath for a moment. My hand and arm is all bruised and my confidence is bruised too. It could have been worse, I broke my elbow in the past.

Sorry for the rant I just needed to share it, I feel frustrated sometimes.

I guess I have to put 100% focus when I walk and don’t let any excitement take over.

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3 years ago

Having an unexpected fall is both painful and it hurts our confidence too.

But, trips can happen to anybody. We all have to take care, with or without MS.

Don’t let things like this put you off your enjoyment of life. 😉

3 years ago

Aww you poor thing @aurora .. one minute confidently striding along and then next BAMM confidence gone I dare say quite a few of us of all ages have been there upright one minute.. floored the next.. but don’t let it stop you hun.. keep going but just take extra care.. (sensible shoes.. :-/ I like my CROCS but I’ve tripped and stumbled a lot in those so now have to have trainers tied tightly to my feet and my trusty walking stick..) maybe if you enjoyed your walk but need a little bit of stability you could invest in some of those walking poles.. you will look the part of a “RAMBLER” but have a bit more stability either side of you 😀 Hope your bruises recover quickly and you are back out there pounding those pavements.. Best wishes

3 years ago

Thanks @stumbler and @northenlass for your kind words and support. I’ll have extra care with a smile 🙂 and keep going!

3 years ago

I too had a lovely day out with my other half. We stopped for a drink while we waited for the next train. I went to the loo, tripped down a step. Black eye, bruised arm, bruised shoulder and a knee the size of a football. I fell embarrassed and sure everyone thought I had had one too many. I didnt stop to tell them why I had tripped in the first place. Just called for help from my other half and begged him to get me out of there!!

3 years ago

Ohh @tiggermum how awful 🙁 .. bloody hidden steps are a challenge at the best of times and I hope your injuries recover soon try not to let it knock your confidence I bet you weren’t the first person to stumble on that step. Best wishes

3 years ago

OK, let’s look at this another way. Why did you trip? Because you forgot you have MS. It caught you out this time, but isn’t it great that in general you’re living your life WITHOUT the MS dominating your every moment? I think it is. And as @stumbler says, anyone can fall. You’re doing great.

3 years ago

I fell recently on an uneven bit of sidewalk- right in front of a city bus full of tourists!

I took inventory- a scraped knee, some blood and a sore ankle. I was with my husband who wanted to get a cab back to our hotel but I insisted we walk.

I was actually proud that I fell in a way- because it reminded me of how well I was doing. I picked myself up and made it about 10 long blocks to the hotel. By the time we got there I had ‘walked out’ the pain and only had to fix the scrape. Easy enough, after years of clumsiness I learned to pack ointment & band aids 🙂

And I didn’t know any of those tourists anyway- I was on holiday too!

I think the most important part of your story is like @cameron says- you were out DOING and that is the bigger headline any day! Would you read ‘Local woman trips on city sidewalk’ or ‘Local MSer has pep in her step’? 🙂

Ps- the city- San Francisco, not exactly known for its flat landscape 🙂

3 years ago

Falling always shakes us up, and with the diagnosis it gives us something to blame / or a reason for it happening.

I now find myself questioning the reasons, was it the MS affecting my balance? Perhaps its because I can’t feel my feet, Is it just that I’ve always been a clumsy mare? has it always the MS and it’s been there for years hence why I’ve always said I’m a clumsy mare?

I don’t drink when I go out with friends at the moment because I don’t trust that I won’t have an epic fail and end up breaking myself in public (which would probably be the drink rather than the MS in all honesty) Saturday was a hen do (bachelorette for our US friends) I did 80 laps of go-carting and have a spectacular set of bruises on my inner thighs along with aches in places I didn’t even think I had muscles – who knew your armpits could ache ???? I drank gallons of water, diet cola and soda water and had a great time, my energy was gone by midnight but I made it through most of the days events and drove myself home. I budgeted my ‘spoons’ 🙂

I don’t TRUST myself like I used to and I’m trying really hard to get that back because I won’t let this take things like that from me. I’m going to set myself small targets to win back my own trust and it might be a bit different but it will be okay 🙂 Baby steps xxx

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