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I’m frustrated.

I’ve been having these weird symptoms for two years plus now and it’s killing me inside, I’ve spoken to people and my family members but they think I’m an hypochondriac, I don’t even know what to do again, about 15 minutes ago, I leaked a little urine, everything seems to be happening faster than I ever imagined, what do I do now? My mum won’t let me take an MRI scan, I’m getting depressed too. Is it possible that all these stuff are in my head and I’m the one overreacting?

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1 year ago

Hi. First let me say that I’m so sorry for your confusion and frustration! Boy, can I relate to that! I’ve been experiencing/dealing with symptoms for YEARS! Decades, actually. I’ve always been able to just “work through it”. I’ve been able to drive myself beyond the pain and bizarre things that have been going on. I’ve experienced the frustration at feeling that no one has taken me seriously and some medical professionals have at very least insinuated that this is all “in my head”. Turns out they were right! Yes! It IS in my head! Evidence is found in my spinal fluid as well! This morning I cried myself to work for twenty minutes straight because I’m finally able to express my frustration at not being taken seriously. While I feel somewhat vindicated at having a diagnosis of MS, I’m years into an illness that I could have been receiving treatment for from the beginning symptom if someone had taken me seriously. I can’t tell you what you should do, but looking back on my life I would say don’t stop seeking answers. My answer came when I asked a doctor if it was POSSIBLE that I had MS because my symptoms fit according to the NMSS and the Mayo Clinic information I had researched. He had that “ah HA!” moment and now I’m getting help. Don’t give up on yourself!

1 year ago

Holy hotdog!!!!! RELAX Go to a doctor. Have a physical and talk.🌻

1 year ago

Hi there, sorry this is happening to you. It’s difficult to comment as, as you don’t say your age or situation in your profile. There is certainly help out there, but you need to be supported to access it and be pointed in the right direction. I’m not sure if you have a diagnosis or not…..

1 year ago


Please try not to worry too much as stress can make things worse.

I have been through the same thing in fact more than a leak now and then.
First of all go to your MS Nurse or GP with a urine sample, infections as I found out can play a huge part,
get that counted out first, as limewillow said speak to your people.
Please don’t be embarrassed they are there for you and I’m sure would want to help.

My situation was not an infection and went on for a while, then everything went back to normal.
As usual with MS there seems to be no rhyme or reason.

Keep your chin up and try not to let it get to you.
Take care

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