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I was just told I have Anxiety and depression

I was just told I have Anxiety and depression. The worst thing I feel positive and now that I looked into it, the symptoms are there. I don’t want to be near negative people I want to stay right away from them, they tend to bring me down.
Anyway seeing somebody this Friday to discuss on how I can overcome this issue. Thanks guys.

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3 years ago

@stumbler I just downloaded what you sent to someone below thanks

3 years ago

Beware of labels. If you feel positive, then you are positive. Most of humanity is anxious and depressed most of the time, just because some one put a label on you does not mean you have to be the label.
There are lots of things we can do to lift our spirits and any help is to be welcomed, but MS is a heavy enough label, without adding to it. Carry on being positive, there is no quick fix to the unfairness of life and be very wary of anyone who seems to have it.
Hold on to your innate good spirits . They are stronger than any thing!

3 years ago

Thanks @tabbycat I’ll take ur opinion. But I still need to someone about my life.

3 years ago

Hi @anawith1n How do you feel about being told you are depressed and anxious…?? I think you know yourself best of all… you will know if you are feeling low and just can’t seem to shake that feeling and it has been going on for a while, and you don’t know how to pull yourself out of it or maybe you are just having a slump because of something that has happened and rocked your life-boat a bit… As we know life with MS is full of ups and downs 🙁 As for anxiety I think again you will know if you are having genuine anxieties about something… the feelings with anxiety are very real and mostly show themselves with physical symptoms which are unbearable to the sufferer, if so then medical intervention is probably needed.. be it talking with a councillor or medications from your doctor to help you for a while.. but if you are feeling okay and quite positive about life in general then maybe someone has misunderstood where you are coming from and lumped you with a label… You sound like a positive person and I’d say enjoy your lovely Aussie sunshine but soz you guys are now entering your Winter aren’t you.? 🙁 On the plus side Aussie winters are never as bad as here in the UK .. Best wishes @anawith1n hope you get the answers you are looking for.

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