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I Want a break but cannot do it…

I’ve just been looking through my friends list on here & i see that so many people have not been on here for months, 6/7 months etc. I want to be one of these!
Obviously MS isn’t controlling their lifes to the point that they need or want to be on here, they are obviously out there living their lives, getting on with it etc etc.
I want to be one of them!
As harsh as it sounds, i don’t want to be on here everyday, following stories, looking for reassurance, i want to be brave & mentally stable to handle it on my own.
Please do not take offense to this anyone!
If i’m on a break at work im looking on here or ms web-sites, if i’m a passenger in the car im looking, at home im looking.
I don’t want it to be an everyday part of my life but it has taken over, i don’t know how to switch off?
I don’t know if i should even try and switch off, i sort of feel like the idea of ms & what happened to me & me end up being diagnosed means it deserves my time if you know what i mean.
Do you have any suggestions?
Or am i just gonna be like this for the rest of my life!

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5 years ago

Don’t try and over-ride what your brain or body is telling you to do. They’ve both had a lot of nasty shocks recently and need time to recover slowly. I expect you’ll gradually find that you become absorbed in ‘life’ again and you’ll forget all about us! In the meantime, indulge your feelings and emotions. Be kind to yourself! xx

5 years ago

Hi there!
I know EXACTLY what you mean! Think about this MS stuff all the time, to the fact where frankly, my brain is bored of my own thoughts. One big repeat cycle of cant believe thus is me, what else could it be (little denial there, I admit) did I make the right med choice (Tysabri) what do people think and the big one – what does my future hold? Not a career as a tight rope walker in the circus that’s for damn sure, but I know I’ll still be happy.
I end up on here a lot! Still waiting for the moment when I can get out of bed and not think “shit this MS” before I get to the next room. So I think it is still adjustment.
I don’t know where you are in your story (new Dx or ten years later) but neither if us know where those people are who AREN’T on here all the time. So they may not need to be on here. Good for them (seriously, I am pleased) but I do still need the support this site offers, and I feel at home here. Like I am understood. And reading stuff on here does not make me panic the same way reading med journal articles, or (hell and damnation) google does.
I think it is just fine to hang out here, as long as we need.
And I for one am glad you are here with me
Hugs heaps xx Jas

5 years ago

@boodle06, it’s all about doing what you feel comfortable doing at the time.
Shift is a dynamic self-support site. There are no rules regarding how long you stay. Everyone is welcome to stay, or move on, pop in occasionally or everyday. It’s what suits the individual at the time.
You’ll know when the time is right for you.
Just be patient with yourself.

5 years ago

@boodle06, you can’t guess anyones reason for either being or NOT being on shift! They could be better. Or worse. Or busy. Or working, or just gettin on with life.
But really yeah, the computer has an OFF switch, and you CAN put the smartphone DOWN.
Hmm MS will affect your life but you’d don’t have to think abt it 100% of the time.
Distract yourself. Where is it you live? you need to MEET ppl!
You on Skype? All in favour of a 1:1 realtime chat!!

5 years ago

@boodle06 Unfortunately, we can’t just ‘switch off’, well we could but that wouldn’t really accomplish anything. Lord knows, I’ve thought about it. It might help you to write your thoughts down in a journal or diary, it could really help you dor your own personal analysis purposes.

Just like in finding nemo, Just keep swimming, just keep swimming 🙂

5 years ago

I think we all wish we could switch off the MS that blights our lives. 🙁

5 years ago

Thanks for all your comments guys, i know your all right in what your saying. I’m in Bucks & to be honest i know alot of friends (well i’d call them people i know) but really it’s just me and my boyfriend. Most of my friends have moved on in life, got married and had kids etc. I’m in Bucks and don’t know of any MS peeps near to where i am who may be willing for a meet up and chat. Never done skype before!

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