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I need to rant…!!!

This world is a bloody mess.. i was checking on my mum about 9pm as she’s been in bed all day under the weather, looked out her hallway window and saw some c**t rob an old ladies hand bag.. i had no phone on me, no shoes ain’t driving at the min and couldn’t walk quick enough to help her.. by the time I got outside he’d gone, I tried to get her to come in to my home until I called the police but all she kept saying was I’m scared I need to go home. I got her name and address and called the police when I got back home myself 🙁 now im sad and wanna cry for her.. A year ago I wuda ran or drove after him and gave him a good slap. Poor old woman, I hope she will be okay 🙁

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4 years ago

@katfight, the world does seem a mess. But that’s the problem of a world with 24/7 news reporting, you always hear the bad stuff as it happens!

We do have to acknowledge our personal limitations, we can’t help all the people, all of the time.

You do have to believe in karma and hope these ill-doers get their comeuppance.

4 years ago

@catfight well I would react the same do you know if the police turned up my son chose to walk back to college 3 years ago I offered to take him back even though I was off sick and a guy tried to mug him for his phone my son got hit local shop keeper called the police but they didn’t bother turning up to see him they all do locking up especially when they mug the old and vunerable sorry about speelling.


4 years ago

Aww @catfight what an awful thing to witness.. that poor old lady. Maybe you not being quite so mobile enough to chase after the crook is a good thing so that you were there and you showed the old lady compassion and offered her support. I daresay because you have her contact details you can pop in on her to see how she is and if she needs any help and be very useful to her in that way.. Good Samaritans always cross the road be it with a wobble and a limp but I daresay the old lady is grateful for your help. Well done you {{Applauding your bravery}}

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