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So cute, needs to be towed br a errr slightly more “cool” scooter though Ha!


that is very very cool!

a friend of mine has organised it so wheelchair users who are still outdoor types can use this locally:

can I ask where you can use these, even better where can you buy them
Am definitely an outdoor type!

Found the company! cheers

8 K !!!!

Bitchin! I want one! 🙂

It’s a inclusive community project…

The Boma was purchased to enable wheelchair users to go off the beaten track.

It lives at Highwoods Country Park, and can be booked via the Walk Colchester People.

The whole project is pretty cool.

If you don’t have access to anything like this where you live why not share this project with your local community Voluntary Services scheme… and see if they can replicate it.

Very cool justjones. they had similar off road super duper wheelies at MSLife 2012. Trouble is they cost about the same as a small HOUSE and something thta size you WOULD need a garage. Probly a driving licence. Elf & Saftey wd probly say you need a helmet too….

hi @reddivine,

Yes they are prohibitively expensive for an individual to buy…

Walk Colchester is an inclusive community group and has always tried to do everything possible to ensure walking and spending time outdoors around the town and the surrounding area is possible.

They did loads of fundraising and i think they got match funding from various bodies and built partnerships to enable it to happen. for instance the Borough Council couldn’t pay towards it… but did offer up some resources in terms of housing it safely and securely at their county park and even manage some elements of it’s upkeep (I think).

It’s something that could easily be replicated elsewhere…

(if the council are involved.. then I expect a helmet would be required, knee pads and a sumo suit too, if they had their way!

That would be great if you needed a rest wouldn’t it! X

hmm yes I can see @stumbler bowling along the seafront on one….

That might be the answer I need. I’ve been wondering how to get back on the naturist beach, down here in Brighton…….

Share the project with your local access group.

It’d only have to take a small buzz, then a few people saying it’s a great idea for it to spiral into a project, snowballing into reality!

I reckon one of these would be awesome on Brighton Beach… looks like it’s got enough torque to go through the stones.

I wonder if I can hitch one up to my bike?

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