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I have my diagnosis finally!!

Good morning.
Well I went to see my lovely n amazing nero yesterday had all my tests done.
Every thing was perfect apart from my balance I’m a bit wobbly 😂 but apart from that I’ve got full eye recovery been told to have no more children as they set off my optic neuritis.
He said the lesions on my brain are like tiny little dots he said i do have Ms but just to be totally certain I have to have the lovely lumbar puncture.
He was pleased to announce that I have a very very mild case he said it’s almost what they call benign 😊 I feel very lucky.
I’d like to thank you all for your kind words n support over that past few months I won’t ever forget it xx

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11 months ago

@vincentnancy88 , that sounds encouraging.

I hope that bit about no more children was just a bit of friendly advice. Your Neuro has no right to determine your family plans.

Anyway, the thought of the Lumber Puncture routine is a lot worse than the routine itself. Just follow the advice that you will be given and lay still after the routine, to avoid the post-routine headache as your body recovers the pressure in your Cerebro-Spinal Fluid (CSF). Caffeinated drinks are suggested to aid this recovery.

11 months ago

@vincentnancy88… hi ..I agree with @stumbler in hoping that the “ no more children “ remark was not definitive. Lots of people with ms have children! The decision has to be yours after information and discussion. You may not want any more children so that would be an easy decision.
it is very confusing too this diagnosis of “ benign” I never understand it . I am not sure how anyone can predict the course of ms ..totally unpredictable and often random. I could have been deemed to have “benign ms “ when I was first diagnosed at 17 in 1965….no one called it that in advance but I had no symptoms or relapses for over 40 years so retrospectively it could I guess have been called it..but now I have developed SPMS it wasn’t benign after all! Take care tessa

11 months ago

Vincentnancy88 – Good for you! Celebrate the good fortune. I have never heard of a benign MS, however, it sounds much better than malignant. Be well and happy. Doc

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