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I got shout at by MS neuro assistant

MRI results are the same nothing has changed but she got furious because its active she wants me to go on avonex i said no then she said wait then neurobis gonna decide what oral treatment is best for you :/

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1 week ago

she said cortison IV 3 days is that much?

but she didnt examinate me and said I ” must. ” take Gilenya.

1 week ago

@nutshell88 , was your latest MRI with contrast? It would have needed the contrast to identify the activity!

Anyway, it’s your body, so you decide whether you adopt a DMT or not. It’s your call, not theirs!!

3 – 5 days is standard for Steroids, depending on the daily dose.

@nutshell88 so based on the steroids and activity comment, they believe you are having a relapse now?

One thing to consider with gilyena is the rebound effect if you stop. If you are likely to stop taking it because you don’t want to or may decide to have kids etc, you might consider Tecfidera.

3 days is not too much for iv treatment but I would gauge if based on the type of relapse you are having.

1 week ago

there was. contrast but the mri before it couple of years ago.
couple of years ago they said its active so in every time i do it
but today i said my relapse hasnt got heald 100% since she disnt even notice im walking a bit funny
then she asked where i said all leg long started with toes she said yes its extremly active in mri take cortizon
can i stop gylinea whenever i like ?
is it safe? and yh wish i have kids but still single guess im gonna adapt illegally in saudi arabia lol @californeadreamin

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