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I and my GP think I have MS

My back really started to hurt 5 years ago., 3years ago that flared up which then left my left leg with paralysis which improved over the week. The numbness is still there at the back of my leg after years. I have now experience severe tingling and pain. The worst thing is the vertigo, back against walls! I also experienced muddling up my words. For example take your lid off instead of top off to my 8 yr, that is a unisex t shirt : transgender, the bench, MY bench, the field….the thing over there that’s green. It’s like I am me but not me. I feel muddled up ….but maybe this is what crazy feels like. Please help I feel so lost…I used to be so with it.

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1 year ago

Hi @iforgot and welcome.

It’s too early to make a diagnosis of MS, but given your circumstances, it is a possibility.But, your GP, and Dr Google, can’t make that diagnosis. It has to be a Neurologist. So, hopefully, this is now being progressed.

Now, MS doesn’t directly cause physical pain. Although, it can cause weaknesses, which we naturally compensate for. This compensation can involve bad practice, which can adversely affect posture/gait, thus causing pain in muscles that are now being stressed.

Vertigo and “cog-fog” are symptoms of MS, but could have other causes too.

Whilst you’re waiting for further investigations, go easy on yourself. Life is very demanding, especially when children are involved. Laugh when you use the wrong word – we all do it.

Just look after yourself, ensuring that you don’t get over-tired. And, don’t stress (I know, this will presently be difficult) as this has a negative effect on brain function.

Take care and keep us updated.

1 year ago

@stumbler is so right! I can only add two thoughts: my flared-up back eventually turned out to be a vitamin D deficiency. If you do have MS, you may also be vitD deficient and it would do no harm to get yourself tested (simple blood test). The recommended dose for MSers is 5000iu daily, very much more than you get in over-the-counter tablets. You can get this formulation easily on amazon, but it would be sensible to be tested first, if only to rule it out as a possible cause of your back pain. Secondly, whatever your symptoms (and whatever their cause), it’s very likely that the stress you’re carrying is increasing their severity. I know that when I become anxious, symptoms are switched on like a tap. Extraordinary! So I think it would be a good idea to ask for some meds as a temporary fix until you have a diagnosis. Reducing your anxiety level is probably the single most productive thing you can do in this horrible ‘limbo’ period. PS I found that ‘limbo’ was several hundred times worse than the reality of living with MS.

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