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Hug or not to hug this is the question?

Hi everyone

I could do with your wisdom please. I have been in pain now for 2 weeks with abdominal pain/rib/back. I have pain to the right of belly button and under my right rib cage. The pain radiates through to my back at exactly the same place as the front. I also get very bad pain under my shoulder blade also mainly my right side. The pain can transfer to my lower abdomen and my left side but not to often.

Sitting down seems to make it worse and standing can start it off but lying down with hot water bottle gives me some relief. I am on Gabapentin and Duloxetine also stomach tablets for IBS and acid nothing is helping.

I have no idea if this is MS hug, ibs?? Or something else. Would anyone have any ideas? Experiences? going out my mind with pain and feeling uncomfortable all the time.

Thanks for reading this.


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1 year ago

Hi @andy365 , have you consulted anyone about these pains, e.g. GP or MS Nurse?

MS doesn’t usually cause physical pain. Well, not directly.

Indirectly, we can suffer from musculo-skeletal pain, which can be caused by our natural ability to compensate for MS weaknesses. However, this compensatory action can put unnatural strain on muscles and joints.

So, if the GP can’t find anything medically wrong with you, then see if the MS Nurse can arrange a referral to your local Neuro-physio.

1 year ago

Hi andy365,
I have had the so-called MS hug for ages, I told my ms nurse and he prescribed baclofen, he says it is quite common.
I get constant muscular pains around abdomen, it’s as though I have done 100 sit-ups and the muscles are cramping up, also the odd shooting pains in the same area.
It is become increasingly more painful to stand up straight because of this, so I regularly do 40 or so arm pullovers on my weight bench, just to force my stomach muscles to extend.
I disagree with stumbler to the extent that ms constantly sends ‘rogue’ signals to the muscles which are interpreted as pain.
E.g. Somedays my feet feel as though I am actually walking on the bare bones, which is bloody painful!
Having said that, it’s easy to blame ms for everything so I would advise getting things checked out.

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