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how to celebrate?

so i’m coming up on my 1 year anniversary of my diagnoses and i want to do something special to celebrate my strength and hard work with dealing with it all. any ideas to what i should do? side note: my symptoms date back 9 yrs (i’m 19) my doctor told me the mri shows years worth of lesions.

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4 months ago

@imagwms , don’t treat it as an anniversary of your diagnosis. Treat it as a special birthday, marking the birth of the new you, with an inner strength that you probably didn’t know you had.

So, share it with your partner or your true friends, that have helped you through this last year and helped you become the person you are today.

I wish you continuing strength on your special day. 🙂

4 months ago

I actually had a tattoo done last year, I chose a lotus flower as they’re a symbol of strength and rising up from the dark 😊.

My marriage broke down whilst going through my diagnosis and was a complete shock! It’s there to remind me that I’m a fighter and no matter when life kicks you down, I get back up again!!!

My diagnosis made me realise that life is so very short, so live it and do the things you want to do, and always 😊 even when it’s hard to!!

Take care 😊.

4 months ago

You might be the other side of the pond but we are all mser, I was diagnosed 25 years ago, but my celebration is only 18 mths old, that’s when my other half of 43 years left me. He had been my carer for 20 years, but for the last 10 out of duty not love. I was so glad when he decided to go, in fact I helped him find his new flat (apartment in your speak). In the UK we have a benefit called carers allowance, it stops when the carer is 65, no matter how sick or disabled the person is they were caring for. When he reached 65 and the money stopped he stuck around for 18 mths and then buggered off. I have never been so happy. A lot more disabled because things have got a lot worse in the last year or so.but I’m still content. So mark the occasion however you want, but do what YOU want to do, you are the VIP and the only person that matters.😍😛🎂🥂

4 months ago

Hi @imagwms, there’s no doubt, the first year is the toughest and you’ve made it. You could think of doing something that’s a one-off, that you haven’t done before. Like, get your toes done, or take some friends for a trip on a steam train, or dye your hair, or, have friends round for a weekend and watch each of yours favourite ever film. Make it a fun thing you’ll remember x

4 months ago

My drs told me that toi.
They said you have lesions from the past. And I’ve had things like relapses as a child and tern.
I was 17 years when daignosed now 31.

At first MS ruined everything I care Bout relations studies strength ect
I was litteraly shocked
But I graduated uni
Then moved to uk couple of years
Stufied English and volunteerd
Time was passing without ne feeling MS

Now I have a job night shift
But yesterday I did a fill time job

Im not disabled. Yet zi party every weekend sith colleagues

Dont worry about it
Live it just as you used to do
Avoid alcohol might effect MS

And enjoy your time 😉

4 months ago

@stumbler I like that cause i truly felt reborn discovering a whole new part of me, thank u ♥️

4 months ago

@chezy17 how beautiful. i’ve been looking on pinterest at tattoo ideas also. i was thinking about getting an organge ribbon w my diagnoses date, but it’s really cold where i am (Chicago) so i think i’ll wait til summer for the tat

4 months ago

@grandma i agree, i plan on making it special and something to remember 💓 thank u

4 months ago

@vixen yea, i think we all can agree the 1st year is the toughest definitely ♥️but i made it! thank u so much

4 months ago

@nutshell88 same for me as well. isn’t it crazy knowing even as a kid you struggled w such a serious disease and i was diagnosed at 17 as well. i can think back to all of the symptoms i’ve had through the years and ignored. now i tell everyone ik that if they don’t feel right to get checked out right away cause you never know what it could be ♥️ thanks for the input, it is very much appreciated

Diagnosticada en 2003. Cuando tenía 17 años(ahora tengo 45 años) empezé a sentir ansiedad. fui al psiquiatra y no entendía como podría tener una depresión. Así estuve hasta el 1992. Conocí a mi marido y siempre ha estado conmigo. Con la depresión y la esclerosis múltiple.
Creo que siempre estuvo conmigo la esclerosis hasta que la confirmaron.
Fue un día extraño. Había encontrado la causa de todos mis problemas y ya tenía contra que luchar. Y en eso estoy. Viviendo al día y luchando

3 months ago

@imagwms hey I came across your profile how are you doing with ur ms I’m newly diagnosed and waiting too see what type of ms I have are you relapsing and remitting ms? X

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