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How is everyone?

How is everyone I haven’t be able to make time for myself to come check this place out in about 2 weeks so I thought I would pop my head in.

Been a stressful Christmas holidays for me its the busiest time of year for my workplace. I’m now working full time hours and just about to Start my university degree. been a while since I have been on this website but I have been missing it. I also have broken my record for longest time between tysabri treatments and my new record

Hope everyone else on here is doing well.

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11 months ago

Hi Brando, Happy New Year. Well that was a nice chipper post! Sounds like you have a busy and full life, good for you, hey! What are you studying at Uni? This website might have changed a bit since you were on last.

Itโ€™s cold, grey and miserable in the UK, so lucky you . What a contract to the 48 degree heat of Sydney last week. There seems to have been a bit of a run with young people signing up recently, so youโ€™re in good company. (Not mine though, I am way old!) Take care x

11 months ago

Hi! Christmas holidays were very tiring for me too… went back to work for only 2 days begore I have in to this awful virus here in the UK! Planning to go back to work tomorrow though.
I’m also studying, I’m 4 years in to my part time (6 year) psychology degree. What will you be studying?

11 months ago


Happy new year!

@vixen says it right. weather sucks here, right now. I need a holiday, big time!

Otherwise, feeling ok. continuing to recover from my relapse, last March. it was a big one, and while i have made a huge recovery, i still have some residuals, but even they seem to continue to get better, so theres still hope ๐Ÿ™‚
I am on tysabri too, whats the reason for having a break between treatment? was it intentional? how longs it been?

Be interesting to hear what youre studying as amy asked. will you continue to work, full time?

11 months ago

Hey Brando
Full time working and a degree thatโ€™s amazing, inspirational. Good luck with it all ๐Ÿ˜

11 months ago

I’ll be the first to say its not easy doing what I’m doing time management is key, but I’m being greedy with my time. The holidays were good; I’m studying IT and Statistics at the university of South Australia (Online). It’s my first year at university.

Just trying to bring some positivity to shift ๐Ÿ™‚
this disease can be a stressful one and honestly I sometimes thinks it’s positivity not medication that helps make this disease so much better.

@vixen it is really hot in Australia at the moment averaging 30-35 degrees celsius so not the greatest place to be at the moment.

@amyb getting back into work is never fun haha I had three days off near Christmas and I felt like I didn’t want to go back.

@londonlad its not a big break just broke my current record between treatments is 6 weeks going for treatment today. According to my Neuro and specialist 4 weeks is optimal and 6 weeks is pushing it and of course I’ll continue to work full time really enjoy the work I do.

@alice88 thank you Alice ๐Ÿ™‚


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