highheeledfagin 05/04/17
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(how) Do you measure your fatigue?

Over the years, I’ve always had trouble being consistent when asked to measure my fatigue on a scale of 1-10. It only occurred to me today – after 13 bloody years – that I should lay out my own version of the scale.
In my bullet journal, I’m making a page for pain and fatigue scales, using the general guidelines but using examples from my daily life instead of those vague, general statements.

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I measure it at the moment with fecked, absolutely fecked and completely fecked and crawling on the floor. There is nothing under that scale and have not discovered anything worse than that but I’m sure it will come 😂 (Although medically I’m sure no health professionals with go for the idea of the so mentioned “Dubs scale”) I’m ready and armed with my stupid grin and my sence of don’t give a flying f I’m ere and I’m stubbornly fighting on.

Oh and related but not related when asked what it’s like now I say “well the day starts with a pile of bricks on my back and by the end of the day some fucker has added that many, the inconsiderate brick adding complete and utter bastard, has built themselves a 4 story, 7 bedroom house with Olympic sized swimming pool, triple garage, tennis court and helipad. When I find said brick adding complete and utter bastard I’m going to 🤛🏿 him right in the eye with my firey ms hand of doom.

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TeeHee Hud…..Well Highheeledfagin here’s my 12 cornered pounds worth. My scale would be…. on DX I was still dancing, playing squash, treading the AM Dram boards, painting sets, or just painting, cycling, skiing, motorbiking, walking for miles, 5 years down the line am lucky if I can walk 10yds unaided, hold any kind of articulate conversation, hide away a lot more, work out where the nearest loo is, I still drive though, but for nearly a year in an automatic…..seen my glass ball world slowly deminish….so I guess its now scoring in the middle or lower point wise now….compared to a lot of folk am grateful for small mercies. Red

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@highheeledfagin can’t read the article coz the link gives some error message thingy. On the topic of fatigue I’ve decided it sucks & I’m not going to have any anymore. 😋 If only it were that simple!

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Cheers, Stumbler.

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