6 years ago
how do people find work with MS?

Hi all. I know it is difficult times for work but with ms it is harder. I am skilled but find it hard to work full time now due to the ms. How do people find they deal with it (the ones looking for work or do they not work due to illness etc?) Good to hear how others fare up?

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I work from home now, at times miss going out, but means that I can work nround health.

Do people tend to keep quiet about their MS during the interview process or be open about it and confront any issues with the answers whilst they have the chance?? I’m currently employed (had my diagnosis after starting working for them) but would be good to know for the future.

I was asked by an emloyment consultant why my ms wasn’t on my CV, told him because it had nothing to do with my ability to do the job.

I would never dream of mentioning my MS on my CV-totally agree with you that it doesn’t influence your ability to do a job unless there’s a practical sense…in which case you would probably know this and not be applying for the job anyway. Did you mention your MS during your interviews?

I can’t believe an employment consultant would even ask that question! Isn’t that against the Equality Act (or whatever it’s called?). I’d be no more likely to put MS down on my CV as I was to put my age there. I totally agree with Cariad – if your MS is going to affect your ability to do a job then you’d know about it and wouldn’t bother applying in the first place!

This is quite useful:

The thing is, it’s not always so clear cut/black or white approach, for e.g. there’s parts of my job that MS affects in terms of energy i.e. I tend to go through bouts of travel all over the UK. This is now fine as my employer was happy that I work from home the day after or come in a bit later or do the sites closest to NCL and does teh couple that are furthest. Does that mean I shouldn’t be applying for jobs like mine? Saying that I wonder if my current employer would’ve taken me on if I had MS when I applied and I’d put it on my CV??? Truth is I’m not sure? me against another equally good candidate but I have MS…not a hard choice unless i stood out in other factors..

Its something I do wonder about what to do (am leisurely looking for a senior role but am hesistant) because I want to be truthful so that the employer is aware that I might need adjustments when needed as they don’t have to be supportive if you haven’t told them in your application? is that right Mawson?

Maybe don’t include it on your CV but do mention in it at the interview? Or maybe at the stage of offer?


Hi all work thats a good question i had a relaps in june was on 100persent leave now on 50persent tired all the time even after resting balance problems also .do these go away or do you stay like this . has any one had same prob. and if so any advice. im new to this ms problems just one year and find it a bit scarty. any advice would be brill. x x

Don’t put it on your cv. No it should not make a difference, but equally you know that, sometimes, it will. Employers are NOT allowed to ask questions relating to health before an offer is made UNLESS it relates to making adjustments to the application process or a specific ability to do something intrinsic to the job.

I’m not saying lie – lying on a cv or application can give your employer a fair reason to dismiss if they were to find out later, and I do think it’s worth being open and honest – but wait until the offer is made. You are under no obligation to tell a prospective employer at interview.

Hey peeps, i was made redundant from my job as a project worker in a mother and baby unit last year.I’m due to be taking my old employers to an employment tribunal before March 2012 as i feel they failed to make reasonable adjustments as my mobility worsened and then conveniently made me redundant.
My MS affects my mobility alone and i’ve only had 4 relapses in 12 years. Im never ill and feel exactly as i did before i had MS i just can’t walk too well and so use a wheelchair.
It really pisses me off when i am labelled as having MS and so must be ill. Having ‘deteriorating health’ and not ‘deteriorating mobility’ which is the case.
I am looking for work and have not put anything on my CV in refence to my mobility. When i hear back from the employer it is then that i let them know i’m a wheelchair user. Even though employers aren’t to disciminate against disabled people i get the feeling that i am too much hard work/trouble for a prospective employer!! Health and safety, HR, risk assessments etc etc. Put me against somebody without a disability and yes i know its a negative attitude to have but i know where my money would go. But, i’ll carry on applying for jobs and hopefully something will come up. Good luck everyone, keep well xx

MS is not stopping me from working, but work is over protective, and I feel like they are wrapping me in cotton wool when it’s not necessary. I’m happy for them to care, but feel it a bit smothering at times, I know I should be pleased they care, but there is a happy balance??

Hi everyone..I have been a nurse for the last 23 years which, I’m sure you’ll agree is a pretty active job. I had to give it up in 2008 due to co-ordination, mobility and fatigue problems. I now don’t work and I’m so bored i’m going out of my mind. Am not quite sure what sort of options I may have available..can anyone help please

I mentioned to my Mam ages ago that if I’d been a nurse as she had, I would have had to have given up. She told me that she knew a perfectly good staff nurse who worked with if for years, the others staffed the ward she did HDU so less space to cover. Seven people at my local (massive) hospital have this stupid thing – one nurse that I’m aware of is in a wheelchair and now has a teaching role.

Hiya, I never lie about what is wrong and am in wheelchair so obvious something is up. Though was asked by someone who I had an interview with if I could manage a flight of stairs when told them I needed wheelchiar access!
Am ok from knees up and thankfully don’t need legs to do job! x

thanks for your comment was interesting what you said about about the amount of people at your local hospital with MS because I know of at least 8 people at ours diagnosed after me.

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