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How come I suddenly feel like this!

Hi all,

Not been on here a while, i suppose because everything’s been OK, so I’m sorry for that. Just been feeling really down and scarred again. I’ve been on Betaferon for over 2 years and not had any relapses *touch wood* since early 2009 (before diagnosis) but my symptoms have progress (toilet, stiff joints, balance, fatigue and cognative). I had a period of redundancy last year and was dying to get work, but now I have a job I crave the opportunity to R & R as my symptoms were almost non existant when I could control my day.

Obviously I can’t give up work, can’t afford to, but I’m really worried I won’t be able to keep up this level of stress and work levels going forwards.

I know I’m being stupid, but just having major panic on top of a really stressful job.

Any tips?

Or maybe just a shake up of a slap round the face… 🙂

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6 years ago

I too have a stressful job too and have suffered from relapses this year ending up using a wheelchair at work to get around. I have had to come to the realisation that your health is always more important than your job and you need to find ways around the stress, it is easier said than done but very important to keep your fatigue levels etc at bay. It is easier if you can explain to people at work but quite often they dont understand what you are going through so good to have a sounding ground like this to share problems with

6 years ago

I agree with wil1. Can you find someone at work to talk to about your job? Sometimes just a few adjustments can make all the difference. For example, they moved my office so I didn’t have to walk upstairs and someone from the typing pool offered to get my sandwiches every day from the canteen, saving me a journey. Those two things transformed my day! I also managed to swap some responsibilities,so that I did more paperwork and less running around. I’m sure you know that you are covered by disability law and your employer is obliged to make ‘reasonable adjustments’. The pleasant surprise I had was how the apparently small changes enabled me to carry on with a job which was very demanding.

6 years ago

Thanks for your comments guys – unfortunately this little company really doen’t care about ‘normal’ staff let alone what the DDA has to say (no HR staff on site) so I’ve started looking for a new job.

6 years ago

have you contacted Access to Work through the job centre – no-one told me about them for 10 years assuming i knew about it. Its great for ppl in work who need help to make their job easier around their MS. They get someone to visit you at work, ask lots of questione about your role and what you find difficult and then make recommendations to your employer – if they recommend equipment there is some financial assistance in the government paying a % of the cost of the equipment etc – check it out on internet for more details

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