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Hospital transport not entitled anymore

Hi all

A bit of introduction : i was awarded PIP enhanced mobility, i am unable to walk or stand up, all day on my motorized super heavy wheelchair.

I mentioned a while ago the local government decided to get some of this money £40/month for them to use it elsewhere. 😯

Well, if it were not enough, my surprised the other day when i was booking hospital transport which I have done hundreds of times when they said i am no longer entitled because i have the enhanced mobility component of pip and blue badge i can pay for a taxi myself and make my way there…😯

Really! I cannot get into any taxi neither my husband’s car i am unable to move! Hospital transport should be for us , not those who are more mobile. They did not even warn, i have to go to far hospitals from oxford to london….etc!

Anybody in the same situation? What can I do?

If those like me start cancelling appointments it will be more expensive in the long run for the nhs we will get sicker…..,

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3 weeks ago

@mmhhpp , I would ask Hospital Transport to review their decision.

We do not live in a one-size-fits-all world and there has to be exceptions.

If they don’t listen to reasonable argument, then get your local MP involved.

3 weeks ago

Thank stumbler on Monday i am making some phone calls xx

3 weeks ago

@mmhhpp so glad you’re calling them on Monday morning.Im at a total loss to understand that they can do this. I go to the hospital 6 times a year (used to be a lot more but I’ve been discharged from the oncology dept cos Im now cured!) to see my ms nurse. Drove myself to the hospital for 20 yrs, contributed to the NHS by paying the exhorbirant car parking fee, but since mr government took my mobility car in February, I have to be collected and brought back home by ambulance. Costs are borne by my gp’s surgery. Total cost £1 ,800 per annum. Knock that off my costs with mobility money/car £2,400 annually, total cost would be £600 per annum, work that one out. But I digress, your transport to hospital should never be queried. You HAVE to go to appointments, you CANNOT get in a taxi (I have the same problem in my city, all taxis/private hire are saloons and the electric wheelchair will not go in.) I’ve never heard of someone being refused on monetary grounds. Letbus know what happens, we can always start a petition✌🏼😫😍

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