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Just want to share a horrible walking moment I had yesterday. I went for a job interview in the hub of the city. I checked out where it was and parking thought I’ll be ok walking there with my sticks.

Well I thought wrong, there was construction on the building next door so lucky when crossing the road cars coming both ways was blocked so wasn’t worried how long it took to cross and not get run over. It did take longer to get to building then I thought it’ll take. I started to get weaker quick so when I got there I just thought when I rest I’ll be better. Well that didn’t happen I just felt like crap, when I left an hour later the blockage on the road reopened and I was very weak dragging my feet and I have a afo for my worse leg. I was nervous crossing the road to my car I tried calling my partner but no answer to come to help me across the road.

Thank God a lady saw I was struggling and offered her help. She stopped traffic for me. At this point I was soooooo weak and could barely walk.

This episode just reminds of how horrible this disease is and how much it has changed my life for the worse.

I didn’t get a second interview by the way but I couldn’t take it cause of the parking.

Life Sucks!

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1 year ago

@lorag , some days, we just can’t win.

Just put it down to one of those days and move on. Better luck next time. 😉

1 year ago

That was pretty descriptive. I could feel your pain and fatigue. Ouch. That really stinks. Hopefully you can find an opportunity that has easier access.

What movie was that with Emily Blunt? She was running around London with that powered body armor. Too bad they don’t have that in real life! You would have had the job for sure. They wouldn’t dare not give you the job! 🙂

1 year ago

I was thinking the same thing aabreu or rip off my leg and put a robotic leg on ha ha

1 year ago

sorry you had to go through that experience. ms sucks, and there will always be days like that, where not always our ms seems to conspire against us, but everything around us as well. but we have to believe that there will be better days, too.
hope you’ll be more successful in your next job interview, and without incidents like this!
wishing you luck!

1 year ago

I had something similar about 3 years post diagnosis. I was walking to work and suddenly could’t feel if I was wearing any clothes so kept having to look and grab fabric….quite liberating feeling really but did make me self conscious for the day!

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