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Hopefully not a stupid question

I am attending a close friend’s wedding on Saturday. I honestly never drink so won’t be by any means getting slashed, just wondering if drinking has any effect on ms or anyone has any advice. Still newly diagnosed so learning the ropes. Thanks πŸ™‚

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4 months ago

I love a drink and I haven’t had any ill effects from mixing alcohol and MS. Have a good time!

4 months ago

If you are not used to drinking at all can I suggest Bucks Fizz, which is as I’m sure you know, is orange juice and champagne. I suppose it depends how ‘posh’ the wedding will be, but Prosecco which everyone is using now instead of champagne but still far less on alcoholic content is in common use instead of champagne, but there must be lots of weddings where the odd guest or two doesn’t drink at all, you can still toast with Lemonade! If you don’t drink at all it isn’t reallly a question of wether it affects your ms (it doesn’t by the way, but not really worth the risk if you are at all wobbly anyway) but if you don’t normally drink but want to be part of the celebration, give the Bucks Fizz a go. Have a great timeπŸ₯‚πŸ˜

4 months ago


If you normally have a drink or two without any problems; by all means enjoy a drink.

I find my bladder challenges force me to grab a seat near the washroom “just in case”. But the effects of alcohol are exactly the same. Have a great evening!

4 months ago

I have a drink, it helps relax me. You can’t give up everything πŸ˜‰

4 months ago

I used to drink quite a lot but really cut down because the hangovers became unbearable! One night out followed by 3 or 4 days of feeling like death just wasn’t worth it but whether it’s due to MS or just old age I’m not sure as most of my mates also struggle with horrendous hangovers now too.

I only drink occasionally these days, when it’s unavoidable at things like weddings, and the hangovers are still pure evil but the actual drinking isn’t a problem, if anything I have a higher tolerance now than i did when I was young, fit and drank all of the time so I think it’s absolutely fine to have a few at something like your mates wedding, just don’t make any plans for the next day if you’re anything like me!

4 months ago


I like a drink, although not one to get a hangover, apologies for gloating, but had no issues with drinking although I used to smoke which caused me to fall over.

Good luck

4 months ago


I too like others have mentioned, used to enjoy more than a swift half but got fed up with it, the hangovers and I rarely ever enjoyed being worse for wear to be honest, so knocked it on the head.

Whether or not Drinking Alcohol has a negative effect on people with MS, I guess it comes down to things like what type of MS is it you have, do you also have another condition/disease that feels the effects of Alcohol, in my case T1 Diabetes.

Seeing as MS is a Disease of the Brain/Nervous System and Alcohol has a negative effect on both of those things, then drinking booze and MS should not go hand in hand.

But some MSers seem to be able to handle having a few drinks and others not so much.

4 months ago

Thanks for all the useful info guys πŸ™‚ wedding was last night, ended up drinking quite a bit more than I originally wanted to but it was all good and miraculously no hangover today, despite the surprisingly terrible nights sleep last night!

4 months ago

I am glad you didn’t have any last minute surprises. One New Years Eve we had planned to stay home because it was bitter cold. A new neighbor knock on the door and invited us over to his party. My husband had just given me a Rebif shot, it never occurred to us that it would be a problem. I had about a half of glass of wine and I started to get real loopy, everyone thought I was drunk. I was a little embarrassed but these people were renters and we never saw them again. Potter

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