5 years ago

Was diagnosed 4 years ago with RRMS, up until now, have not really had anywhere to vent, or anyone going through the same to talk to (in my age group, 25yrs), until I discovered this place. The hope I feel just going through the website is amazing.

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That’s really good to hear @dnavia! Welcome to the site!

Welcome dnavia!!! Hope your feeling well today!! X

Hi @dnavia you’re going to fit right in 🙂 It appears that this website is basically for people who have a PMA towards MS – the only way to deal with the crappy hand we’ve all been dealt! See you around…


Welcome!!! =D

Hi, I would echo what you said dnavia, I think this site is the perfect escape. I too have recently signed up and find it refreshing to view activity where people can let of steam. Talking to people without ms in the ‘real’ world, there is a tendency not to mention how we are feeling as we don’t want it to seem like we are fishing for sympathy or moaning about the hand we have been dealt, when really we just want a friendly ear. We do not have to worry about this in this community..

I love this site too! There needs to be a big event so we can all get together! 😉

@jat721 I’ve been thinking exactly the same thing for some time… We should suggest it to “the shift management” as a project for the future. I for one would be 100% up for it. Wherever. (within reason 🙂 )

Welcome to the site dnavia!

I’m sure you will make many friends on here.


thank you all for the warm welcome.

Welcome 🙂 I’m fairly new here too and this site makes me alot more positive about MS xx


I felt exactly the same way. I am 28 and I had no one who really understood what it is like living with MS. I put a note on speak easy last week as to how I was feeling and all the support which came through was just amazing and now I feel much more positive. Message me any time for a chat or rant xxxx

Hey, I’m new around here too. Just getting to grips with my diagnosis a couple of weeks ago. x


Welcome!! Im new(ish) lol. This site is fab! When I’ve needed questions answered or just opinions the people on here have been great with the replies and encouragement. Dont be shy!
Also if a big meet up was set up I would be in! x

Hi @dnavia, welcome to Shift.ms. I’m glad it’s the support you were looking for.

Loving the suggestion @jat721 and @aardvark. What sort of event do you reckon? Hiring as area of a bar one night, having a picnic, going out for dinner… let me know what you’re thinking.

And where abouts.. I live in Leeds, UK, but people are from all over. Perhaps we could try and arrange several local meet ups?

Big meet up? I’m not too sure, somehow the virtual element is what appeals to me. Venting frustration to people I have never met makes it easier. I am less considered about what I say.

Maybe we could all meet up, then when we log back on change our profile pictures or edit them and change our login names, best of both worlds for me. haha. Yeh regional meet ups sounds awesome.. West Lothian in Scotland anyone?


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