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What’s people’s thoughts on Homoeopathy to reduce symptoms or even cure MS? Thinking about MS – Homoeopathy is one of the only thing I can think of that could possibly stand a chance of impacting on the root causes of MS. If MS is a bodies decision (either itself or via a trigger) to attack itself then Homoeopathy might have the ability to get the body to relearn not to do this.

I have periodically gone to a superb Homoeopath for over 20 years now and decided to go back to her a year ago to discuss my MS for the first time with her. She has cured me of numerous issues in the past i.e. before my MS. E.G. everything from Migraines to allergies to food intolerances etc. Anyway she was adamant she can do something for my MS and has assisted dozens of other suffers who are now symptom free. I have to confess everything she said would happen to me along the way (with the treatment) has. It is like she knows my body and I am amazed at the treatment progress. I see her every 6 months and haven’t felt this good for years and years. Love to hear anyone else’s thoughts?

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i did homepathy when i was first diagnosed 14yrs ago. I do think it is good if u are strict on yourself and do it right. Go with it better than meds.

What sort of treatments do homeopaths use?
I have never heard of it being used for MS.
Really interested in hearing how it works.

Could see how it could help some symptoms but don’t think it really addresses the main problem. Curcumin in turmeric helps and you can try your own homeopathic trial 😉

I have half a teaspoon of the curry spice turmeric in my porridge every morning and think it slows down the progression of the illness. As it’s so cheap there’s no money in trialling it and doing a proper clinical trial. (turmeric tablets are too strong, so stick with the powdered form)

Probably works through placebo effect, which can be powerful in RRMS. Nothing wrong with that, can’t hurt unless you forgo other medicine that has been proved effective.

Further reading: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Homoeopathy

Didn’t know what effect turmeric would have, so I can only base it on the changes I experienced. Considering I notice the difference when I do or don’t have turmeric before going to the gym I can confidently say it’s made a difference to me.

A quick google of turmeric and ms suggests it’s wider use – I only saw that after I worked out the benefit 🙂

I don’t know about homoeopathy. All the evidence points to it being a sham, but my family had a homoeopathic doctor in the 1960s and he really did perform some medical miracles. It was thanks to him that I didn’t have to have a tonsillectomy and he actually saved my mother’s life…. so I can’t dismiss it out of hand!

I think when you have an incutable, progressive condition such as MS, you are more likely to consider alternative therapies. I would not dismiss homeopathy out of hand, neither would I say it is a cure all. Big Up for the lady who reckons she can make a person symptom free. But does she actually have training as an MS nurse?
MS is a degradation of the myelin sheath around the nerves and I fail to see how homeopathy or even GOD can change that. Sure it can make you FEEL better, but keep everything in perspective.


MS is not curable…

however… have read of “managing multiple sclerosis naturally, a self help guide to living with MS”


It’s by Judy Graham, and is a revised version of an older book. you can read chunks of it here on Amazon….

and a review of it here:


I think that as there is little that we can do to alter/control MS… that using natural remedies, changing diets and other external environmental factors helps us to at least feel like we are in control of something!

I changed my diet… I’m healthier as a result…

In simplistic terms – My view is: MS is the body deciding to attack a part of itself. Something has made the body decide to do this. Whatever has made the body do this can be changed to make it decide not to attack itself. I am on Betaferon anyway but feel I want to get to WHY my body has decided to not get on with my Myelin 🙂

unlike many on Shift, I’m not on any drugs for MS. Possibly cuz an also epileptic and the neuro figures the one would mess with the other…
Hence I’m OPEN to alternative therapies, but I’m also realistic re the progression (or not) of the MS.

In the States I had a course of cranio-sacral therapy – very relaxing and good. There was a lot of visualisation exercises and reading your post reminded me that the therapist I had was basically trying to get me to ‘see’ the Ms and what it was doing, much in the way you describe but in huge detail. Sounds odd but it made sense. If you’re thinking this way already, perhaps cranio-sacral could help? I think it’s quite a common treatment.

there’s a therapist offering cranio-sacral treatments at the MS-UK centre of excellence in Colchester…

I’d never heard of it before…

maybe i need to find out more….

the MS Society in the UK did a great CBT based workbook a while back that was all about “your MS Monster”… it was great as it meant that everyone using this tool thought about their MS differntly as each monster was differnt to each person…

similar maybe?

Yes, why not give it a go? The visualisations were all about the myelin and nerves. It was quite hypnotic!

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