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OK so I think it’s ready – I’ve finished honing my Free Injection Tracker Tool, and those still having to inject themselves please have a look.

My theory is that there are areas of my legs (I’m on Avonex) that are less painful to inject into than other areas, trouble is my memory has always been rubbish so I needed a way to keep track.
I had a look through the app store and was disappointed with what I found, and rather than winge, I did something about it.

My web app allows you to upload a picture of the area you wish to inject, you can add ‘landmarks’ to indicate things like moles / freckles which help with precision! You can also rate each injection for pain and see where is particularly painful.

I apologize in advance for the hairy legs, and welcome all feedback apart from what to do with my legs!

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3 years ago

@wildthing , fair play to you, you saw a problem and devised a solution. 💡

Shame I’m not injecting anymore. 😕

But, well done on your enterprise.

3 years ago

Thank you @stumbler, I have a feeling it might just be me using this but thought I’d offer it anyway!

3 years ago

I’ve added security (SSL) now, all shiny & ready to go!

3 years ago

Yay, I’d done my own sortof similar thing using a marker and my iPhotos to keep me right in my injections. Of course the first thing that happened after that was we used my leg to play noughts and crosses. May well give this a go though, because it’s always nice to check you’re not going mad.

3 years ago

Feel free to have a look, I use & think it’s great but then I would, wouldn’t I!

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