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Hey I'm Han– newbie RRMS

Hey everyone, I’m Hannah and I’ve been diagnosed with RRMS since December 2014 and what a whirlwind it’s been!! I was struggling a lot with my employer, I often feel very pressured to “not be sick or off work” because I don’t want to let anyone down.. Also my employer hasn’t really been very supportive… I want to fight and change the way employers treat people with MS and long term illnesses! I’ve written to David Cameron so we shall see, I also have a blog called please check it out.
Would be lovely to chat to any of you and people my age πŸ™‚

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3 years ago

Hi Hannah!

Lovely to meet you (sort of, crap circumstances I know…) and welcome to Shift.MS

It really does sound like you have been taken through the ring around! I hope things do settle down for you soon – hopefully your team will get you on a DMD shortly and reduce you relapse rate, and you can get back to having a life again!

I am a similar age to you (29) and have faced a few of the challenges you seemed to encounter. My workplace started off not really knowing what to do with me (though, to be fair, I soon was not able to physically do the job I was employed for – nursing, so they had to make a new plan – nursing education). They are now incredibly supportive, and are at the moment in the process of having some walls/doors pulled down so that I can start using a wheelchair at work (I could not get the chair though one door – old building – so this was a problem!).

I think sometimes it takes employers (including HR, who are just people after all) as long as the person with MS to get their head around the changes, and whilst this is not very helpful to you at the moment, as long as they are working with relation to your doctors recommendations, the have got a good starting point…

With regard to your return to work, do go easy on yourself. Having a relapse is crap, and it can take months to get over (4-6 months in terms of fatigue to feel normal again for me). I once said to my employer that I wouldn’t mind being off work sick if I just had chickenpox, gastro or the flu, but because it’s MS and I’m so desperate to get on with life, and not have MS influence what I can do, I don’t cut my body any slack, and push myself earlier then I really should. Don’t stress about ‘letting anyone down’ – focus on you and not letting YOURSELF down. You have just been diagnosed and had a (not insignificant) relapse! Pat yourself on the back and take it easy for a while!!

Thinking of you xJas

3 years ago

Hi @hannieeliza90 ,

It is a whirlwind that you find yourself in and it’s important for you give yourself time to allow the dust to settle.

Your employers have a legal obligation to make “reasonable adjustments” to help you at work. Have a read through this publication for more detail :-

Don’t go through this whirlwind alone. We’ve all been through it in one way or another, so let us help you through it. πŸ˜‰

3 years ago

Hey lovely, wow what a lovely message ☺️ Thank you! Yes I’m stating to learn what I can do and what I can’t do, I suppose being able to do everything to then suddenly having to actually take your time is difficult to get your head around sometimes.
Ha! HR… Well my HR are absolutely rubbish! Refused to speak to me in fact.. That’s what has made me get so passionate about helping people and wanting to change the system.. I want MS sickness (disability leave) and normal sickness (cold, flue etc) to be recorded differently in the workplace, I want employers to treat us with more respect, because it really does take a lot to come back after a relapse, especially having to explain everything to them.. And getting them to understand that whislt I’m not on any treatment I could be fine one minute and then not the next.
I have written/writing a blog which one day id love to turn into a book.. So that “normal” people can learn and understand what it’s like to live with this invisible disease.. The highs and the lows.. I’m a very positive person and always try to turn negatives into positives.. But in my blog I do tell people how it is etc..
I want to change how people are treated at work with disabilities when it comes to sick leave.
Lovely to talk to you

3 years ago

Hey, @stumbler thank you so much for your lovely comment.. I’m really glad I found this site.. It’s brilliant πŸ™‚ and I know I’m not alone now xxx

3 years ago

Hi I’ve just been through the exact same thing at work and I understand exactly what you mean. I had to have a dissaplinary meeting as I had 6 separate days off work in a year I was just thank full it wasn’t longer. It causes you stress having to deal with the ms and also worrying about work which is what you don’t need so try to just chill out and not worry about anything.
What will be will be. X

3 years ago

Welcome hannieeliza9! Looks like you and I received the lovely news at the same time!

We’re in a good place; place that shares good company, along with news/updates/and advise!

3 years ago

Hi @hannieeliza90 I too was diagnosed last year (April 2014) and it does take time to get back to be fit to work again it’s no point rushing it as you will regret it. I just hope and pray your employer has the respect to give you the time needed, as @stumbler said they have a legal obligation to you (the equality act) to help and assist you to get back to work.

3 years ago

Hey @hunterdog ah really?! Wow twins! Hehe yes, I’m in a much better place now than what I have been… Work didn’t make it easy for me but now they are starting to learn!
I have just got a new addition to my family… A lovely cat.. So I will have some company πŸ™‚
I’m still writing my blog so please check it out πŸ™‚

3 years ago

Hey, thank you for your comment.. I totally agree and I told my manager all of how I feel etc.. And we r having another catch up on Friday x

3 years ago


I read your blog and left a comment. Sounds like 2014 was rough. I don’t understand why they haven’t treated your MS yet with any effective medicine.

They didn’t even give you strong IV steroids for your exacerbations! Crazy way to treat a patient!

Pain was a large part of my MS (prior to Lemtrada). Try asking for some muscle relaxers in addition to the pregabalin and Naproxen (which is really just a mild anti inflammatory pain medicine.

You should be on at least 1-2 muscle relaxers. I take Flexeril in the AM and Zanaflex at night (makes you drowsy, helps sleep, an additional bonus)

I used to also take Clonazepam for muscle spasms but don’t need it much. Baclofen (another musc relaxer) never worked well for me.

Stretching & Thai Massage works wonders for me too- as does swimming. I was a competitive swimmer prior to MS.

I hope you get effective medicine and a good doctor soon!

Take care,

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