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1 year ago

Hi @karri_neal and welcome.

It’s a bit of a large area and we’re not a medical group. But, it may be a kidney problem, if it’s in that area of the back. Do you have any urinary continence issues?

In any event, I’d get round to see your family Doctor. Not all our aches and pains are MS-related, but a Doctor is better placed to make that judgement.

1 year ago

l am having hip bone and back pain and assuming that it is to do with inflammation… which then appeared in my legs and this is linked to my liver enlargement problem.

1 year ago

Hey @karri_neal
I do not have any liver/kidney problems but I do wake up in the middle of the night with really painful”burning” pain in my hip/hips it comes and goes and passes in the morning I’ve spoke to my ms nurse about it and it has been put down to my ms 😘

1 year ago

Hey @karri_neal definitely go see your doctor. There are so many things it could be. If your doctor can’t shine any light on it then contact your MS team. I experienced pain in this area for months, which it emerged was due to an altered gait (caused by MS and my balance slowly deteriorating) and it picked up serious pace during a relapse. Could the muscles be going into spasm at night? This is a problem I had and unless it causes the limps to jerk, sometimes just resting your hand on the area can reveal that the muscles are twitching away. Do see your doc though as we do like to put stuff down to MS but it’s best to rule out everything else first. Best of luck

1 year ago

I’m definitely going to see my doctor. Thanks.

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