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So apparently I’m not allowed the infusion tweet 🙁 had my mind set!! Please someone tell me their experiences on the injections I know none can make the decision but just need advice!! Avonnex as it’s once a week or rebif maybe just need some help. I don’t feel I’m getting much help from ms nurse :(. I just want the best one for me. What are your experiences? Xx

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5 years ago

I’ve had my mind set*

5 years ago

I started Avonex 5 weeks ago. The injection pen is dead easy to use and I’ve had no problems with actually injecting. The thought of it was way worse than doing it! Side effects have been pretty bad (flu, symptoms and generally feeling like i’d been hit by a bus!) but after latest injection I just felt a bit tired and heavy so I’m hoping the worst of the side effects are over!
Can’t talk about any of the other options obviously but Avonex appealed to me because its only once a week and the pen is so easy to use. I had really tried to talk my neuro into letting me start tysabri (because of the higher rate of success in reducing relapses etc) but he was having none of it!
Good luck in whatever you decide. I’m sure you’ve been told about the MS decisions website already, it was really helpful to me?

5 years ago

@scarletmartina7, each of the injectable DMDs have their pros and cons. Be it frequency of injections and/or side-effects, once you start the treatment.
To a certain extent, you can time the injections so that you can be in bed and sleep through any side-effects.
So, it’s really a case of which one fits your routine.
Don’t get too concerned about the injection, it’ll become routine, just like brushing your teeth. 🙂

5 years ago

I have been on Rebif for almost a year. It does have side effects, but after awhile you can figure out a routine. When and how to inject yourself. In my experience it has all been trial and error.
I wish you good luck in your decision

5 years ago

It’s worth remembering that all the DMDs have much the same effect on the MS, so choice between them really does come down to the pros and cons as they affect your daily life.

Rebif, Betaseron and especially Avonex…….not a daily injection
Copaxone………………………….virtually no side effects

Rebif, Betaseron, Avonex…….substantial side effects, which may lessen in time
Copaxone…………………………..daily injection; skin reactions

My choice (Copaxone) was based on my thinking that if I didn’t inject every day I’d probably forget from time to time. Also, I definitely didn’t want side-effects. I don’t know about the other ones, but you can keep Copaxone at room temperature for a few days, so that simplifies travelling with them.

Good luck!

5 years ago

Hi I’ve been on avonex since last aug/sept. Previously on betaferon wjich was fine, just had skin reaction. Avonex is a dream compared. Personally I find if I do it before bed, take two paracetamol 30 minutes before then take two nurofen post injection I’m not to bad, occasionally have a sore back next day.
Given the choice I would have chosen avonex first but wasn’t offered. Have a look at the ms society website, good overview of all dmd.
Jo. Xx

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