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Can anyone give me some useful tips on how to ease the MS hug? Why they call it a hug when it’s really not a nice feeling lol. What are people’s experience with it? I’m currently laid on the floor feeling like someone is sat on my chest and just under my ribs above my waist 😢😥😭 trying deep breaths and holding it as long as I can to expand my chest

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5 months ago

Hi @rachel_mcgarrigle and welcome.

Have a read through of this website for suggestions :-

5 months ago

Yeah I’ve already been on their website but was just asking if anyone has any hints and tips of what they do. Mine comes and goes I don’t have it all of the time.

5 months ago


I’ve always likened the infamous MS Hug to being crushed by a Giant Boa Constrictor, made out of the heaviest matter in the universe.

Any advice regarding how to deal with it?, simply not no, I tend to just ride it out but I do ensure that I am sat down or at least close by to something I don’t mind collapsing on.

5 months ago

Yeah definitely agree with that description.

5 months ago

It is horrible i know how you are feeling.
It got me for 2 months then eased off.
I used a corsit around my ribs at night.
Tens machine on the ribs and middle chest area.
Take care. LJl. 🙅‍♀️

5 months ago

I remember zi thought I was having heart attack so I took my shirt off then hehe breatged in out slowly then I felt I need to breath faster so I did
Was thinking it was my heart or chest
But then I thought it could be MS msged 24 hrs MS assesmrnt
And they said yes its MS ._. Layed down breathing carefully massaging my own self shoulders and all
It didnt last over 3 hrs or 4

5 months ago

I had MS hugs one summer before I was diagnosed. I even went to get my heart checked out. The doctor told me that nothing was wrong I was drinking to much coffee. It usually happened at bedtime, I would just curl up in a ball and hope I was alive in the morning. Potter

5 months ago

It’s been on and off for the last 4 days. Seen my MS nurse today and they told me to up my gabapentin as it’s classed as neuropathic pain they’re hoping that will help ease it.

5 months ago

The only thing that works for me is 5mg Diazepam – Gabapentin doesn’t seem to do much to stop these things for me. I’ve had 15 episodes of this since Jan and it’s horrible – sympathy to anyo e who gets these crushing things – I wish they weren’t called “hugs” cos if any human hugged me like that that I’d want to floor them! Even my GP thinks it’s a stupid name!

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